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1999 Conference

                                MAY 27-29, 1999 Boston University

                                PROGRAM DIRECTORS
                                Alan C. Kors, University of Pennsylvania
                                Martin J. Sklar, Bucknell University

                                THURSDAY, 27 MAY 2000

                                Noon-5 P.M. REGISTRATION, George Sherman Union (GSU)

                                3-5 P.M. GENERAL MEETING, GSU Metcalf Hall

                                0000000Pauline Maier, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

                                0000000Welcoming Remarks
                                0000000Jon Westling, President, Boston University

                                0000000Presidential Address:
                                0000000Introduced by John Womack, Harvard University

                                0000000"The Origins and Progress of The Historical Society"
                                0000000Eugene D. Genovese

                                8-10 P.M. PLENARY SESSION, GSU Metcalf Hall

                                0000000(1) DONALD KAGAN'S ON THE ORIGINS OF WAR AND THE
                                0000000000PRESERVATION OF PEACE

                                0000000Donald Kagan, Yale University
                                0000000William Blair, Penn State University
                                0000000Victor Davis Hanson, California State University at Fresno
                                0000000Eugenia Kiesling, United States Military Academy
                                0000000Dennis F. Showalter, Colorado College

                                0000000Moderator: Elizabeth Fox-Genovese, Emory University 

                                FRIDAY, 28 MAY 2000: "NEW PERSPECTIVES ON REVOLUTION IN HISTORY"

                                8-9:45 A.M. CONTINENTAL BREAKFAST, GSU Ziskind Lounge

                                0000000Discussion of the Job Crisis
                                0000000William W. Freehling, University of Kentucky
                                0000000William R. Keylor, Boston University

                                10 A.M.-Noon
                                0000000(2) CHINESE HISTORY AND WORLD HISTORY, GSU 315

                                0000000"Putting China in the World, and the World in China"
                                0000000Pamela Crossley, Dartmouth College

                                0000000Merle Goldman, Boston University
                                0000000Frederick Adams, Drake University

                                0000000Moderator: Susan Farnsworth, Trinity College

                                0000000(3) AMERICAN LABOR HISTORY: PAST, PRESENT, & FUTURE,
                                00000000000000GSU Conference Auditorium

                                0000000Sean Wilentz, Princeton University
                                0000000Grace Palladino, The Samuel Gompers Papers, Univ. of Md.
                                0000000Melvin Dubofsky, State University of New York at Binghamton
                                0000000Michael Kazin, American University

                                0000000Moderator: Richard Schneirov,
                                0000000Indiana State University at Terre Haute

                                0000000(4) EARLY MODERN CATHOLICISM: THREE PERSPECTIVES,
                                000000000 GSU East Balcony

                                0000000"The Reshaping of Catholicism During the Early Modern Era: A New Look at the
                                0000000Robert Bireley, S.J., Loyola University at Chicago

                                0000000"Beyond 'Disciplining' to 'Complexity': Finding Ways to Characterize
                                00000000Early Modern Catholicism in Italy"
                                0000000William Hudon, Bloomsburg University

                                0000000"Catholic Polemic and the Origins of Enlightenment Rationalism"
                                0000000Susan Rosa, Northeastern Illinois University

                                0000000Comment: William J. Bouwsma, U. of California at Berkeley

                                0000000Moderator: Glenn Olsen, University of Utah

                                0000000(5) POSTIMPERIALISM AND WORLD POLITICS, Law School TBA

                                0000000"Transnational Corporate Power: A Postimperialist Understanding"
                                0000000Scott Bowman, California State University, Los Angeles

                                0000000"Mexican Development in the Early 20th Century"
                                0000000Arturo Grunstein, CIDE-Mexico City

                                0000000"Postimperialism and Development"
                                0000000Keith Haynes, College of St. Rose

                                0000000Comment: David Deese, Boston College

                                0000000David Becker, Dartmouth College
                                0000000Richard L. Sklar, University of California at Los Angeles

                                0000000(6) POLITICS IN THE RECONSTRUCTION OF THE AMERICAN UNION,
                                0000000000GSU Terrace Lounge

                                0000000"Reconceptualizing the Politics of Reconstruction"
                                0000000Michael Holt, University of Virginia

                                0000000Jean Baker, Goucher College
                                0000000Samuel McSeveney, Vanderbilt University
                                0000000Roland Sarti, University of Massachusetts

                                0000000Moderator: John Tricamo, San Francisco State University

                                0000000(7) THE MILITARY IN THE CARIBBEAN, GSU 320-321

                                0000000"Empire Divided: The British Military in the Caribbean"
                                0000000Andrew O'Shaughnessy, University of Wisconsin, Oshkosh

                                0000000Alison Games, Georgetown University
                                0000000Stewart King, Mount Angel Seminary
                                0000000Joseph P. Sanchez, National Park Service

                                0000000Moderator: Luis Martinez-Fernandez, Rutgers University

                                0000000(8) VIEWS OF CAUSALITY, Law School TBA

                                0000000"A Cultural History of Causality Since 1830"
                                0000000Stephen Kern, Northern Illinois University

                                0000000Mark Bauerlein, Emory University
                                0000000Bruce Kuklick, University of Pennsylvania
                                0000000Deborah Symonds, Drake University

                                0000000Moderator: Anne Wyatt-Brown, University of Florida

                                0000000(9) POLITICAL MODERATES, GSU 322

                                0000000"Principled and Prudential: Political Moderation in American History"
                                0000000Robert Calhoon, University of North Carolina at Greensboro

                                0000000Drew McCoy, Clark University
                                0000000Robert Herzstein, University of South Carolina
                                0000000Nan Woodruff, Pennsylvania State University

                                0000000Moderator: Mary DeCredico, United States Naval Academy

                                0000000(10) REACTION AND COUNTERREVOLUTION IN SPAIN:
                                00000000000CARLISM, 1810-1939, GSU 310-311

                                0000000"Carlism and Reaction to Revolution, 1810-1875"
                                0000000Alexandra Wilhelmsen, University of Dallas

                                0000000"Juan Vazquez de Mella and the Transformation of Carlist Thought, 1880-1936"
                                0000000Boyd Cathey, North Carolina Division of Archives and History

                                0000000"Poland Reacts to the Spanish Right, 1936-1939"
                                0000000Marek Jan Chodakiewicz, Pierce College

                                0000000Comment: Carolyn P. Boyd, University of Texas at Austin
                                0000000Moderator: Patrick Foley, Editor, Catholic Southwest

                                0000000(11) THE TRANSFORMATION OF THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY, 1968-1999
                                00000000000 Law School Barristers Hall

                                0000000"The Crisis of the Democratic Party, 1968-1972: The Center's End Game,
                                00000000 the Left's Dead End"
                                0000000John Schultz, Columbia College, Chicago

                                0000000"Bill Clinton in Historical Perspective"
                                0000000Leo Ribuffo, George Washington University

                                0000000Stanley I. Kutler, University of Wisconsin
                                0000000Donald Schewe, Director, Jimmy Carter Library

                                0000000Moderator: Johanna Shields, U. of Alabama in Huntsville

                                12:15 P.M. LUNCH
                                0000000Small groups, organized by field

                                2-4 P.M. (12) PLENARY SESSION

                                0000000WILSON JEREMIAH MOSES' AFROTOPIA: THE ROOTS OF AFRICAN
                                0000000AMERICAN POPULAR HISTORY

                                0000000Wilson J. Moses, Pennsylvania State University
                                0000000Eugene D. Genovese, The Historical Society
                                0000000Karen E. Fields, Rochester, N. Y.
                                0000000Paul Gottfried, Elizabethtown College
                                0000000Larry A. Greene, Seton Hall University
                                0000000James Winston, Columbia University

                                0000000Moderator: Charles Banner-Haley, Colgate University

                                4:15-5:30 P.M. PROFESSIONAL CAUCUSES
                                0000000Fields and meeting locations to be announced

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                                SATURDAY, 29 MAY 2000

                                8-9:45 A.M. CONTINENTAL BREAKFAST, GSU Ziskind Lounge

                                Discussion of Student Activities in The Historical Society

                                Sarah E. Gardner, Mercer University
                                Jeffrey Vanke, Harvard University

                                10 A.M.-Noon

                                0000000(13) LIBERTY IN ANTIQUITY, THE MIDDLE AGES, AND RENAISSANCE,
                                00000000000GSU 315

                                0000000"Economic Foundations of Liberty at the End of the Middle Ages"
                                0000000Cary J. Nederman, University of Arizona

                                0000000"Machiavelli in Classical Perspective"
                                0000000Paul A. Rahe, University of Tulsa

                                0000000William Connell, Seton Hall University
                                0000000Harvey C. Mansfield, Jr., Harvard University

                                0000000Moderator: Peter Riesenberg, Washington U. in St. Louis

                                0000000(14) POLITICAL VIOLENCE, GSU 320-321

                                0000000"Violence and Segregation: South Africa and the American South"
                                0000000John Higginson, University of Massachusetts

                                0000000Randolph B. Campbell, University of North Texas
                                0000000Barbara Jeanne Fields, Columbia University
                                0000000Elias Mandala, University of Rochester

                                0000000Moderator: Joan Cashin, Ohio State University

                                0000000(15) ABRAHAM LINCOLN RECONSIDERED, GSU Conference Auditorium

                                0000000Herman Belz, University of Maryland
                                0000000William Gienapp, Harvard University
                                0000000Allan C. Guelzo, Eastern College
                                0000000Thomas Schwartz, Illinois State Historian

                                0000000Moderator: Michael Burlingame, Connecticut College

                                0000000(16) SOCIAL SCIENCE HISTORY, GSU 322

                                0000000"Method in History and the Social Sciences"
                                0000000Stephen Haber, Stanford University

                                0000000John Diggins, Graduate School and University Center of the City University of
                                000000000New York
                                0000000Miriam R. Levin, Case Western Reserve University
                                0000000Orlando Patterson, Harvard University
                                0000000John Shelton Reed, University of North Carolina

                                0000000Moderator: David Steigerwald, Ohio State University

                                0000000(17) AMISTAD (1997): STEVEN SPIELBERG AS HISTORIAN, Law School TBA

                                0000000Co-Sponsor: Film & History: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Film and
                                0000000000000000000Television Studies

                                0000000Thomas Cripps, Morgan State University
                                0000000Clifton H. Johnson, Tulane University
                                0000000Robert Brent Toplin, U. of North Carolina at Wilmington

                                0000000Moderator: Peter C. Rollins, Editor, Film & History

                                0000000(18) THE FALL OF THE SOVIET UNION, Law School TBA

                                0000000"The Fall of the Soviet Union"
                                0000000Richard Pipes, Harvard University

                                0000000Paul Hollander, University of Massachusetts
                                0000000Steven Solnick, Columbia University

                                0000000Moderator: Patricia Herlihy, Brown University

                                0000000(19) YANKEES IN MEXICO, GSU 310-311

                                0000000"Don Porfirio's Yankees: Mexico City's American Colony--Political Culture,
                                000000000Economy, and the Caudillo State to 1911"
                                0000000William Schell, Jr., Murray State University

                                0000000Jeremy Baskes, Ohio Wesleyan University
                                0000000William Beezley, University of Arizona
                                0000000David Weiland, Utah State University

                                0000000Moderator: Timothy Henderson, Auburn University at Montgomery

                                0000000(20) THE TEACHING OF HISTORY IN SECONDARY SCHOOLS,
                                000000000000GSU Terrace Lounge

                                0000000David P. Battini, Greenville, N.Y.
                                0000000Will Fitzhugh, Editor, Concord Review
                                0000000Rebecca Fox, Bryn Mawr School, Baltimore
                                0000000Valinda Littlefield, U. of Illinois at Champagne-Urbana
                                0000000Eva Thorne, Azusa Christian Community

                                0000000Moderator: Sheldon Stern, John F. Kennedy Library

                                0000000(21) RELIGION IN THE ACADEMY, GSU East Balcony

                                0000000"Religious Studies and Why the Recovery of American Religious History Failed"
                                0000000D. H. Hart, Westminster Seminary

                                0000000Patrick Allitt, Emory University
                                0000000Charles L. Glenn, Boston University
                                0000000Murray G. Murphey, University of Pennsylvania

                                0000000Moderator: Wilfred McClay, Tulane University

                                0000000(22) SCHUMPETER REVISITED: CAPITALISM, SOCIALISM, AND IRONY,
                                00000000000Law School

                                0000000 "Joseph Schumpeter: Capitalism, Socialism, and Irony"
                                0000000Jerry Z. Muller, Catholic University

                                0000000Norman Birnbaum, Georgetown Law Center
                                0000000Gertrude Himmelfarb, Graduate School and University Center of the City
                                0000000 University of New York

                                0000000Moderator: Mark Malvasi, Randolph-Macon College

                                12:15 P.M. LUNCH
                                0000000Small groups, organized by field

                                2-4 P.M.
                                0000000(23) THE CAT IN HISTORY, GSU 310-311

                                0000000"Classical Cats: The Rise and Fall of the Sacred Cat from Ancient Egypt to
                                000000000the Late Middle Ages"
                                0000000Donald Engels, University of Arkansas

                                0000000Diana Delia, Rhode Island College
                                0000000Mary Lefkowitz, Wellesley College
                                0000000Thomas Martin, College of the Holy Cross

                                0000000Moderator: Daniel Klenbort, Morehouse College

                                0000000(24) A NEW LOOK AT FRENCH REVOLUTIONARY HISTORIOGRAPHY
                                0000000000 Law School Barristers Hall

                                0000000"The Revolution and the Origins of Modern Political Culture"
                                0000000James A. Leith, Queens University

                                0000000"The Public Sphere and the Private Sphere"
                                0000000Harvey Chisick, University of Haifa

                                0000000Janet L. Polasky, University of New Hampshire
                                0000000Donald Sutherland, University of Maryland at College Park

                                0000000Moderator: Emmet Kennedy, George Washington University

                                0000000(25) THE EARLY MODERN RUSSIAN STATE, GSU 315

                                0000000"The Role of the State in Early Modern Russia"
                                0000000Richard Hellie, University of Chicago

                                0000000Mark Kishlansky, Harvard University
                                0000000Walter Pintner, Cornell University
                                0000000Marshall Poe, Inst. For Adv. Study, Princeton

                                0000000Moderator: James Friguglietti, Montana State University at Billings

                                0000000(26) PHILANTHROPY AND THE TWENTIETH-CENTURY STATE, GSU 322

                                0000000Ellen Fitzpatrick, University of New Hampshire
                                0000000Peter Johnson, Rockefeller Brothers' Fund and David Rockefeller's Office
                                0000000Richard Magat, Yale University
                                0000000Theresa Richardson, University of South Florida
                                0000000James Smith, Gilman Foundation

                                0000000Moderator: Judith Sealander, Bowling Green University

                                0000000(27) RETHINKING THE COLD WAR, GSU Conference Auditorium

                                0000000"France and the Cold War"
                                0000000Georges-Henri Soutou, UniversitŽ de Paris, Sorbonne

                                0000000"The Cold War and European Integration"
                                0000000Klaus Schwabe, Rheinische-Westf?lische Technische Hochschule, Aachen

                                0000000"New Light on the Cold War"
                                0000000Marc Trachtenberg, University of Pennsylvania

                                0000000Comment: Stephen A. Schuker, University of Virginia

                                0000000Moderator: John Lewis Gaddis, Yale University

                                0000000(28) CENTRAL EUROPE IN THE NINETEENTH CENTURY, GSU 320-321

                                0000000"Central Europe in Revolution, 1844-1851"
                                0000000David Barclay, Kalamazoo College

                                0000000"Rome and the Reich: Researching German-Vatican Relations, 1871-1918"
                                0000000Stewart A. Stehlin, New York University

                                0000000"A Past in Search of a Subject: Nineteenth-Century Central Europe and the
                                00000000Pitfalls of Definitions of Hindsight"
                                0000000Steven Beller, Washington D. C.

                                0000000Comment: Jeremy King, Mount Holyoke College

                                0000000Moderator: Evan B. Bukey, University of Arkansas

                                0000000(29) MARKETS, POLITICS, & IDENTITY, GSU East Balcony

                                0000000"The Strange Career of the Social Self"
                                0000000James Livingston, Rutgers University, New Brunswick

                                0000000"Artists and Authenticity in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction"
                                0000000Barry Shank, University of Kansas, Lawrence

                                0000000"Managerial Ideology as a Function of Cultural Revolution"
                                0000000Mary King, University of Kansas, Lawrence

                                0000000Comment: Rochelle Gurstein, Bard Graduate Center

                                0000000Moderator: Sally F. Griffith, Havertown, Pennsylvania

                                0000000(30) THE WARRIOR-HERO, Law School TBA

                                0000000"Reviving the Hero: An Attempt at a Rational Analysis of an Irrational Subject"
                                0000000Dean A. Miller, University of Rochester

                                0000000Thomas S. Burns, Emory University
                                0000000David Konstan, Brown University
                                0000000Anne J. Bailey, Georgia College and State University

                                0000000Moderator: Susan Vandiver Nicassio, University of Southwestern Louisiana

                                0000000(31) THE SPANISH CIVIL WAR, Law School TBA

                                0000000"The Soviet Union and the Spanish Civil War: What the Moscow Documents Reveal"
                                0000000Mary R. Habeck, Yale University
                                0000000& Ronald Radosh, George Washington University

                                0000000Stanley G. Payne, University of Wisconsin
                                0000000Stephen Schwartz, San Francisco Chronicle
                                0000000Vojtech Mastny, Woodrow Wilson Center

                                0000000Moderator: Kathryn Weathersby, Washington, D.C.

                                4:15-6 P.M. MEETING OF THE BOARD OF GOVERNORS
                                0000000School of Management, Executive Dining Room (Room 426-428-430)
                                0000000595 Commonwealth Avenue (near the Howard Johnson Hotel)

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