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2000 Conference

                              June 1-3, 2000 - Boston University

                              PROGRAM CO-CHAIRS
                              Paul A. Rahe, University of Tulsa
                              Miriam Levin, Case Western Reserve University

                              Thursday, 1 June 2000

                              3:00-5:00 p.m.
                                Plenary Session: "The Origins of the Revolutionary Impulse"
                                  Opening Remarks: Dennis D. Berkey, Provost, Boston University
                                  Moderator: Bernard Bailyn, Harvard University
                                  "The Pattern and Escalation of European Revolution: From the
                                  Hussites to the Bolsheviks"
                                    -Martin Malia, University of California Berkeley
                                  Respondents: Clifford Orwin, University of Toronto
                                    Bernard Yack, University of Wisconsin, Madison

                              5:15 Reception

                              6:30 Dinner

                              8:00 Christopher Lasch Lecture: "Coping with Leisure"
                                Introduction: Eugene D. Genovese, President, The Historical Society
                                Lecture: Robert W. Fogel, University of Chicago

                              Friday, 2 June 2000: "NEW PERSPECTIVES ON REVOLUTION IN HISTORY"

                              7:30 9:00 Breakfast

                              9:00-10:45 Workshops

                                A. Anticipations of the Revolutionary Impulse: The Reformation
                                  Moderator: Megan Armstrong, University of Utah
                                  "The Protestant Reformation as a Revolution: the Case of Geneva"
                                    -Robert M. Kingdon, University of Wisconsin, Madison
                                  "Saint and Sinner, Prophet and King: The Revolutionary Implications
                                  of the Reformation"
                                    -John Witte, Jr., Emory University
                                  Respondents: --Phillip M. Soergel, Arizona State University
                                    --Steven Ozment, Harvard University

                                B. The French Revolution in World-Historical Perspective
                                  Moderator: Patrice Higonnet, Harvard University
                                  "Reflections on the French Revolution in Comparative Perspective"
                                    --Daniel Gordon, University of Massachusetts at Amherst
                                  "Religion and the Age of the Patriotic Revolution: An Unlikely Encounter
                                  between Palmer's 'Democratic Revolution' and his 'Catholics and
                                  Unbelievers in Eighteenth Century France'"
                                    --Dale K. Van Kley, Ohio State University
                                  Respondent: Michael A. Mosher, University of Tulsa

                                C. Revolutionary Warfare
                                  Moderator: Kenneth Greenberg, Suffolk University
                                  "Soldiers of the National Liberation Front"
                                    --David Hunt, University of Massachusetts at Boston
                                  "A War of Words: Colonial Northern Rhodesia, 1919"
                                    --Karen Fields, Independent Scholar
                                  "Insurrection, Rebellion, or Revolution: Another Look at the American Civil War"
                                    --Anne J. Bailey, Georgia College and State University

                              11:00-12:45 Workshops

                                A. The English Revolution in World-Historical Perspective
                                  Moderator: Harvey C. Mansfield, Harvard University
                                  "Two Viewpoints on the English Revolution"
                                    --Joyce Lee Malcolm, Bentley College
                                    --Blair Worden, University of Sussex
                                  Respondent: Jack Goldstone, University of California, Davis

                                B. Revolution in Latin America
                                  Moderator: Robert Paquette, Hamilton College
                                  "Fragmented Causes, Fractured Revolutions: The Spanish American Independence
                                  Movements, 1810-1826"
                                    --Christon Archer, University of Calgary
                                  "Anti-Imperialism and Class Conflict in Latin American: 1808-2000"
                                    --John Womack, Harvard University
                                  Respondent: Mariano Plotkin, Boston University

                                C. The German Problem in Revolutionary Perspective
                                  Moderator: Linda S. Frey, University of Montana
                                  "German Politics in an Age of Democratic Revolution, 1770-1918:
                                  Reflections and Questions"
                                    --David E. Barclay, Kalamazoo College
                                  "The Question of German Participatory Politics in the Age of Democratic
                                  Revolution, 1789-1848"
                                    --James M. Brophy, University of Delaware
                                  Respondent: Theodore S. Hamerow, University of Wisconsin, Madison

                                D. The Revolutionary Intellectual
                                  Moderator: Emmet Kennedy, George Washington University
                                  "The Liberal Critique of the Revolutionary Intellectual: Tocqueville and Aron"
                                    --Daniel J. Mahoney, Assumption College
                                  "Tocqueville and the Revolutionary Intellectual"
                                    --Ralph Hancock, Brigham Young University
                                  "The Dissident Mind"
                                    --Chandler Rosenberger, Boston University
                                  Respondents: Victor Gourevitch, Wesleyan University
                                    Kimberly A. Kosman, Boston College

                              12:45 - 2:15 Lunch
                                Student Affairs Mock Interview Sessions

                              2:15 - 4:00 Workshops

                                A. The American Revolution in World-Historical Perspective
                                  Moderator: Robert Cottrol, George Washington University
                                  "The Perils of Exceptionalism: Reflections on the Relevance and
                                  Irrelevance of the American Revolution"
                                    --Melvin Yazawa, University of New Mexico
                                  "The American Revolution and the Making of the Modern World"
                                    --Peter S. Onuf, University of Virginia
                                  Respondent: Charles R. Kesler, Claremont McKenna College

                                B. The Russian Revolution in World-Historical Perspective
                                  Moderator: Lynne Viola, University of Toronto
                                  "Two Views on the Russian Revolution"
                                    --Sheila Fitzpatrick, University of Chicago
                                    --Philip Pomper, Wesleyan University
                                  Respondent: Julius H. Grey, McGill University

                                C. International Relations in a Time of Revolution
                                  Moderator, William R. Keylor, Boston University
                                  "Pragmatism in Early Soviet Foreign Policy"
                                    --Michael J. Carley, University of Akron
                                  "Soviet Policies in Iran and the Beginning of the Cold War"
                                    --Fernande Scheid, Yale University
                                  Respondent: Christopher Jespersen, Clark Atlanta University

                              4:30 - 6:00

                                Plenary Session: "Has the Revolutionary Impulse Run Its Course?"
                                  Moderator: Paul A. Rahe, University of Tulsa
                                  "Thoughts on the Universal Homogeneous State"
                                    --Stanley Rosen, Boston University
                                  "The Dawn of the Brave New World?: Continuities and Discontinuities
                                  at the End of the Twentieth Century"
                                    --Elizabeth Fox-Genovese, Emory University
                                  Respondent: Sean Wilentz, Princeton University

                              Friday Evening Free

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                              Saturday, 3 June 2000

                              7:30 9:00 Breakfast

                              9:15 - 10:45

                                Plenary Session: "The New Cultural History: An Assessment"
                                  Moderator, Miriam Levin, Case Western Reserve University
                                  "The Long Search for Cultural History"
                                    --Rochelle Gurstein, Bard Graduate Center
                                  "The Myth of Culture"
                                    --Russell Jacoby, University of California, Los Angeles
                                  Respondent: Jonathan Arac, University of Pittsburgh

                              11:00 - 12:30

                                Plenary Session: "Bringing History Back In: Reconstruction in Modern and
                                Postmodern American History"
                                  Moderator: David L. Carlton, Vanderbilt University
                                  "Reconfiguring Labor and American History in the19th and 20th Centuries"
                                    --Richard Schneirov, Indiana State University
                                  "Poststructuralism and Understanding the History of the 20th Century
                                  American Mind"
                                    --James Livingston, Rutgers University
                                  "Capitalism and Socialism in 20th Century American History: The Liberal
                                    --Martin J. Sklar, Bucknell University

                              Lunch: 12:30-2:00

                              2:00 - 4:00 Workshops -- TEACHING AND DOING HISTORY

                                A. Incorporating New Narratives: Revising or Rewriting American History?
                                  Moderator: Douglas Ambrose, Hamilton College
                                    --Charles T. Banner-Haley, Colgate University
                                    --Christine Stolba, Independent Scholar
                                    --Don Avery, Harford Community College
                                    --James O. Farmer, University of South Carolina, Aiken

                                B. Do Empires Unite? A Dialogue Between A Student of World History and a Student
                                of Western Civilization
                                  Moderator: Marsha L. Frey, Kansas State University
                                  "Western Empires--An Effective Way of Spreading a Common Culture?"
                                    --Barry S. Strauss, Cornell University
                                  "World History, the Homogeneity Paradigm, and the History of Cultural Edifices"
                                    --Pamela K. Crossley, Dartmouth College
                                  Respondent: Robert E. Herzstein, University of South Carolina

                                C. The American Experiment
                                  Moderator: Pauline Maier, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
                                  "John Adams and the American Experiment"
                                    --Richard Samuelson, University of Virginia
                                  "Beyond Toleration: The Religious Origins of American Pluralism"
                                    --Christopher Beneke, Northwestern University
                                  Respondent: Gordon S. Wood, Brown University

                                D. The Vietnam War Revisited
                                  Moderator: Paul Lyons, Richard Stockton College
                                  "The Vietnam War Revisited"
                                    --Michael Lind, New America Foundation
                                  Respondents: Robert W. Kagan, The Carnegie Endowment for International Peace
                                    --Benjamin Schwarz, Contributing Editor, The Atlantic Monthly

                                E. Graduate Students and New Ph.Ds: Entering the Classroom
                                  Moderator: Mark Charles Fissel, Augusta State University
                                  "Understanding the Classroom Teaching Experience"
                                    --David J. Ulbrich, Kansas State University
                                  "Women and Teaching"
                                    --Diane Renee Tuinstra, Kansas State University
                                  "Taking the Blinders Off: Graduate School, Teaching, and the Job Market"
                                    --Paul B. Hatley, Rogers State University

                              4:30 - 6:00 General Meeting of The Historical Society

                              Saturday Evening Free

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