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December 8, 2001—Conference: "Reconsidering Current Fashions in Historical Interpretation," University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill 
Morning Session 
"The Historian as Political Activist: The Legacy of Michel Foucault" 
Keith Windschuttle, Macleay College 
Respondent: James Hevia, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill 

Afternoon Session 
"Whiteness and the Historians' Imagination" 
Eric Arnesen, University of Illinois at Chicago 
Respondent: Robert Korstad, Duke University 

March 25, 2000 Warren Lerner, Duke University, "A Postmortem of the Soviet Union" University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

November 15, 2002
John Patrick Diggins, "John Adams: Political Philosopher," George Washington University

November 7, 2001 Randolph Vigne, "The Personal Crusade of a Journalist Against Apartheid in South Africa" Towson University 

May 18, 2001 "What's Left of Marx?" This event dealt with issues recently raised by Robert Skidelsky in a November 19, 2000 New York Review of Books review of a postmodern biography of Karl Marx. A distinguished panel of scholars, including Martin Sklar (Bucknell University), Mark Tushnet (Georgetown Law School), Michael Ledeen (American Enterprise Institute) and John Fonte (Hudson Institute) discussed what remains relevant of Marx's thought, which Skidelsky recently described as "the most powerful, coherent and influential secular system of ideas ever devised to explain man's past, analyze his present and predict his future." 
The meeting took place at at the Smith Theatre of Howard Community College, Columbia, Maryland

January 26, 2001 "A Conversation on John Paul II's Role in History," George Washington University –Speakers: George Weigel, author of Witness to Hope, a major biography of John Paul II and Darryl G. Hart, Gertrude Himmelfarb, Jerry Muller.

November 4, 2000 "The Korean War 50 Years Later, The View from the Other Side,"
George Washington University A Special Program Commemorating the 50th Anniversary of the Outbreak of the Korean War
--Speakers: Kathryn Weathersby, Senior Research Scholar of the Cold War International
History Project, Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, Washington, DC.,
--Chen Jian, Professor of History, University of Virginia
--Discussant: Vojtech Mastny, Senior Research Scholar, Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, Washington, DC

January 21, 2000 Conference and Luncheon, "The End of the Cold War" Hilton Washington and Towers, Washington, D.C.

November 13, 1999 Colloquium, George Washington University
"Getting Social History Right: A Colloquium on Race, Ethnicity, Gender, and Class" 
Panelists: Olivier Zunz (University of Virginia), Gay Gullikson (University of Maryland-College Park), Alan Kraut (American University), Kibibi Mack-Shelton (University of Maryland-Baltimore County)

Session: Could the Cold War Have Stopped Earlier?

Panelists: Vojtech Mastny (National Security archive)
Marc Trachtenberg (University of Pennsylvania)
John Van Oudenaren (Library of Congress)
Session: What Happened to the Other Side?
Panelists: Kathryn Weathersby (Independent scholar)
Thomas Blanton (National Security Archive)
William Odom (Hudson Institute)

April 13-14, 2001 Georgia Association of Historians – THS co-sponsored session 

March 24, 2001 SIP Business Meeting/THS Business Meeting

March 23-24, 2001 Southern Industrialization Project, 5th Annual Meeting 
"Past The Myth: Confronting Real Issues About Southern Industrialization"
Kennesaw State University, Georgia. 

October 6, 2000 "C. Vann Woodward and the Idea of a New South," Kennesaw State
University, KSU Student Center, University Room A
Panelists: George B. Tindall, David L. Carleton, Leroy Davis, and Robert C. McMath 

July 2000 Dinner Gathering, Atlanta, Georgia 

March 18, 2000 Regional Planning Meeting, Kennesaw State University 

September 18, 1999 Organizational Meeting – Milledgeville, Georgia
"The Future of The Historical Society" 


Thursday, February 6, 2003-4:00pm Steven P. Remy, "The Heidelberg Myth: German Academic Culture and National Socialism" 
Co-sponsored by CUNY's Ph.D. program in history

History Department Lounge 5514
The Graduate Center, The City University of New York
365 Fifth Avenue (corner of 5th Ave. and 34th St.)
New York , N.Y. 

Steven P. Remy is an assistant professor of history at Brooklyn College, CUNY. He is the author of The Heidelberg Myth: The Nazification and Denazification of a German University (Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 2002). 

For additional information, please contact: Martin J. Burke at 718-960-8287 or 212-817-8445 

December 4, 2002 Robert A. Caro, "Master of the Senate: Lyndon Baines Johnson," College of Mount Saint Vincent
co-sponsored with the College of Mount Saint Vincent

November 15, 2002 David Doyle, "Democracy and Conviction: Irish Immigrant Elites in North America, 1820-1880," Fordham University
co-sponsored with the Institute of Irish Studies, Fordham University

November 2, 2002—conference session
"Sydney Hook and the American Intellectual Tradition"
This session, sponsored by the Historical Society's New York City Region, is part of the conference entitled "Sydney Hook Remembered: A Centennial Conference" 
CUNY Graduate Center

September 27, 2002—Seminar
A seminar, co-sponsored with the New York Military Affairs Symposium, to honor the publication of Kathleen Broome Williams', Improbable Warriors: Women Scientists and the US Navy in World War II (Naval Institute Press, 2001).
CUNY Graduate Center

May 29, 2002 Joseph Morrison Skelly, "The End of the Affair: Ireland, the European Union, and the Rejection of the Nice Treaty" American Irish Historical Society

May 10, 2002 David Gordon, "France, 1940: The Uses of Defeat" CUNY Graduate Center

March 8, 2002—Roundtable Discussion co-sponsored with the New York Military Affairs Symposium
"The Recent Failure in Intelligence Collection: Evaluation and Effective Response,"with Michael Levine, John Prados, and George Phillips
CUNY Graduate Center
365 5th Ave. (corner of W. 34th St.)

December 14, 2001 Book Launch: James Livingston, Pragmatism, Feminism, and Democracy: Rethinking the Politics of American History  (Routledge, 2001)
CUNY Graduate CenterNovember 30, 2001 Daniel Carey, "Contesting Cultural Diversity: John Locke, Shaftesbury and Hutcheson" 

October 12, 2001 John Buchanan, "Jackson's Way: Andrew Jackson and the People of the Western Waters" Metropolitan Museum of Art 

October 30, 2001 Linda S. Ferber, "American Identities: A Reinterpretation of American Art at the Brooklyn Museum" The Princeton Club 

May 3, 2001 Michael Kennedy, "The Outbreak of the Troubles in Northern Ireland: The Irish Government's Perspective" at the American Irish Historical Society 

April 17, 2001 Richard Brookhiser, "The Victories and Defeats of Alexander Hamilton" 

April 6, 2001 Frederick Kagan, "While America Sleeps: A Worrisome Historical Parallel" 

March 2, 2001 Margaret King, "Mothers of the Renaissance"
Fordham University. This lecture was hosted by the Institute of Irish Studies, Fordham University. 

November 17, 2000 David E. Kaiser (Naval War College), "The Vietnam War and the Future of History" 

October 13, 2000 Friday Afternoon Conversation, City University of New York
Professor John Lukacs, The Presence of Historical Thinking
Introduction by Professor John McCarthy (Institute of Irish Studies, Fordham University) 

April 28, 2000 Friday Afternoon Conversation, City University of New York
James Jacob, City University of New York, "The Moral Economy of Science
in Seventeenth-Century England" 

March 10, 2000 Friday Afternoon Conversation, City University of New York
Conor Cruise O’Brien, "International Repercussions of the French Revolution:
Edmund Burke and Thomas Jefferson" 

February 18, 2000 Friday Afternoon Conversation, City University of New York
Hasia Diner, New York University, "Memories of Hunger: Immigrant Food
Ways and Ethnic Identities" 

November 28, 2001 Keith Windschuttle,  "History, Truth and Their Critics" 
University of Chicago

November 27, 2001 Keith Windschuttle, "Cultural History and Imperialism" 
University of Illinois at Chicago 

April 21, 2001 Regional Conference - Northwestern University 


Reinterpreting the Velvet Revolution

    Chandler Rosenberger, Boston University, "Václav Havel: A Democrat?"
    Padraic Kenney, University of Colorado at Boulder, "‘Bring a Flower With You!’: Paths to the Velvet Revolution."
    Comment: Benjamin Frommer, Northwestern University
    Comment: Nancy Wingfield, Northern Illinois University
Catered Lunch in Harris 108

New Directions in African History

Panel I. "Beyond the Colonial Archive: New Research Strategies in Senegalese History"

    James F. Searing, University of Illinois at Chicago, "’God Alone is King’: Islam and Colonialism in Senegal"
    Joe H. Lunn, University of Michigan-Dearborne, "Memories of War: Senegalese Soldiers in the First World War."
    Mamadou Diouf, University of Michigan-Ann Arbor, "Urban Identities in Colonial Senegal."
    Discussant: Lansiné Kaba, University of Illinois at Chicago
Panel II. "New Perspectives on Colonial East Africa"
    James Giblin, University of Iowa, "Oral History and Social History in East Africa"
    Kirk Hoppe, University of Illinois at Chicago, "Lords of the Fly: Sleeping Sickness Control in British East Africa."
    Michael Tuck, Northeastern Illinois University, "Sex, Race, and Medicine in Uganda."
    Discussant: Joseph Miller, The University of Virginia

March 31, 2001 Regional Seminar, Northwestern University 
Stanley G. Payne, University of Wisconsin, Madison, "The Soviet Union, Communism and Revolution in Spain, 1931-1939" 

February 24, 2001 Regional Seminar, Northwestern University 
Richard R. John, University of Illinois, Chicago, "Whence the Information Age? Writing the History of Communications in a Postmodern Age" 

December 2, 2000 Regional Seminar, Northwestern University 
Stanley Kutler, University of Wisconsin, Madison,
"Pursuing Sources: An Historian's Adventures with the Law" 

April 22, 2000 Regional Seminar, Northwestern University
Robert Lerner, Northwestern University, "Grand Narrative in Western
European History" 

February 5, 2000 Regional Seminar, Northwestern University
Robert Wiebe, Northwestern University, "On Nationalism" 

December 4, 1999 Regional Seminar, Northwestern University
Sheila Fitzpatrick, University of Chicago, "Everyday Stalinism: Ordinary Life in Extraordinary Times: Soviet Russia in the 1930s" 

October 14, 2000 Wright State University, THS Midwestern Conference, Dayton, OH
"The American Non-Communist Left, 1925-1975"--Main speaker Alonzo Hamby, Ohio University, Presenters Paul Lyons, Abraham Miller, John Sherman 

October 4, 2000 Boston University Boston University
"The Right to Vote and the Coming Election"
Alexander Keyssar, professor of history at Duke University
7 p.m.

September 21-23, 2000 Co-Sponsored Conference - Boston, MA
"Courts without Kings? The Political Center in Provinces, Colonies, and Republics"
The North American Society for Courts Studies


May 7, 2004 at The Intercollegiate Studies Institute in Wilmington, Delaware: 
Roundtable on "Catholicism and American Freedom" with John McGreevy, Leo 
Ribuffo, Christopher Shannon, Eugene McCarraher, and Darryl 

March 7, 2005, 4:00 Westminster Theological Seminary, Glenside,PA 
A Forum on Mark Noll's America's God
Comments from Darryl Hart and Jeffery Jue and a Response by Mark Noll 


Thursday, April 3, 2003, 4:30pm
Eugene Genovese: The War Over the Good Book: The Pro-Slavery Scriptural Argument and the Failure of the Abolitionist Alternative Co-sponsored by the Honors Program of Providence College.

64 Hall, Slavin Center
Providence College
Directions (from college website www.providence.edu

For additional information, please contact Richard Grace at rjgrace@providence.edu

September 26, 2001 Lecture, Providence College 
The Honorable Frank J. Williams, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Rhode Island,
spoke on "Lincoln and Leadership" 

April 7, 2000 Spring Seminar, Providence College
"The Vietnam War and the Transformation of America"
Speaker: Charles E. Neu, Brown University
Commentators: James G. Blight, Brown University, Mario R. DiNunzio, Providence College
Cathal J. Nolan, Boston University

September 14, 2000 Geoffrey Parker (Ohio State University), "Managing the Global Empire: Philip II, Knowledge and Power," Saint Louis University's Pere Marquette Gallery

October 27-28, 2000 Conference –"Nationalisms: Do Contemporary Theories Fit Historical Experiences?," Huntsville, Alabama, Burritt on the Mountain and the Huntsville Hilton
Speakers: Don Doyle of Vanderbilt University
Virginia Martin of the University of Alabama in Huntsville
William Freehling of the University of Kentucky
George Rable of the University of Alabama
William Scarborough of the University of Southern Mississippi
Paul Rahe of the University of Tulsa 

March 4, 2000 Regional Organizational Meeting, Huntsville, Alabama

October 5, 2002—Conference: 
Appalachian State University, sponsored by Appalachian State University's department of history and the Historical Society

Session I
Modern Southern Society: A Story in Black and White
103 Whitener Hall 
Karl Campbell, Appalachian State University,“Senator Sam of North Carolina and the Civil Rights Movement”

Jack Roper, Emory and Henry College,“The Magnificent Mays: The Importance of the Classics in Black Southern Society during the Civil Rights Movement”

Session II
Culture in Post War Germany
104 Whitener Hall
Mark Clark, University of Virginia, Wise, “The Insider as Outsider: Thomas Mann in Germany, 1945-1950”

Michael Krenn, Appalachian State University, “Men Cannot Live By Bread Alone: American Art at the Berlin Cultural Festival, 1951”

Session III
Film and the Teaching of History
103 Whitener Hall
Brian Wills, University of Virginia, Wise, “Southern Belles and Northern Whistles: Civil War Society in Film”

Stephen Simon, Appalachian State University, “The Movie Gladiator and the Teaching of Roman History”

Session IV
Aspects of Medieval Culture
104 Whitener Hall
Dana Sample, University of Virginia, Wise, “The Burning Times? Examining the Executions of Women in Late Medieval France”

Lorraine Abraham, Emory and Henry College, “Saving Civilization: The Importance of Manuscript Culture in the Middle Ages”

Luncheon Talk
223 Whitener Hall
John Alexander Williams, Appalachian State University,
“Appalachian History: A Brief Introduction”

April 5, 2001 A Symposium on Michael Burleigh's The Third Reich: A New History. Presentation by Michael Burleigh - commentary by Desmond King (Oxford University).
Sponsored by The Southern Atlantic Region of the Historical Society and Washington & Lee University, Department of History

September 30, 2000 All-Day Conference Appalachian State University in Boone, North Carolina.
     Session I: The World Since the End of the Cold War
Anatoly Isaenko, Appalachian State University, Russia
Huiyum Wang, Emory and Henry College, China
Mark Clark, University of Virginia at Wise, Germany
     Lunch--Tim Silver, Appalachian State University, "Mt. Mitchell"
     Session II: Media and History
Tom Costa, University of Virginia at Wise, "Using the Internet in Teaching History"
Stephen Simon, Appalachian State University, "Using Movies in the Teaching of World Civilization"
     Session III: Teaching the History of Southern Women
Sheila Phipps, Arizona State University(Moderator)
Karin Zipf, North Carolina Wesleyan College
April Spencer, Asheville High School
Janet Palmer, Caldwell Community College
     Session IV: Blacks in Appalachia
Rachel Sheffey, Spergess Easter, Liz Kell (Students from Emory and Henry College) 

September 10-11, 1999 Two-Day Conference-Washington and Lee University
Presentations: Margaret Ripley Wolfe, East Tennessee State University
"The Author and Activist: The Marriage of Sherwood Anderson and Eleanor Copenhaver"
Michael Richards, Sweet Briar College and Philip Riley, James Madison University
"The One Hundred Greatest Events in Twentieth Century World History: Adventures in Doing World History"
Panel Discussions: "The Civil War and Reconstruction", "The Cold War"


Saturday, April 12, 2003, 8:30am-4:30pm Bear Politics: A Symposium on California Political Affairs. Co-sponsored by the California State University, Fullerton History Alumni Association.

Fullerton/Anaheim Marriott Hotel (located on California State University, Fullerton campus), 2701 East Nutwood Avenue, Fullerton, CA.

For additional information, please contact Professor Harry Jeffrey at (714) 278-2625. 

Event Schedule:

Registration & Coffee

Welcome & Introductory Remarks

"A Short History of California Politics: From Statehood to the 21st Century" 
JACKSON PUTNAM, Professor of History, Emeritus CSUF

"Los Angeles Politics"
RAFE SONENSHEIN, Professor of Political Science, CSUF

Panel: "The Redevelopment Controversy"
BRUCE BROADWATER, Mayor, Garden Grove
CHRIS SUTTON, legal counsel, Municipal Officials for Redevelopment Reform (MORR)

"California Politics: The Post World War II Years"
BILL BOYARSKY, former reporter and City Editor, Los Angeles Times

Panel: "The 'Development Industry' and California Politics" 
SHIRELY DETTLOFF, former City Councilwoman, Huntington Beach
LYNNE FISHEL, Chief Executive Officer, Building Industry Association of Southern California;Former member California Coastal Commission
SHIRLEY GRINDLE, author, TINCUP (Time is Now, Clean Up Politics) campaign finance law, community activist
DAN YOUNG, Group Senior Vice President, Entitlement, The Irvine Company and former Mayor of Santa Ana

"Orange County Politics" 
JEAN PASCO, reporter, Los Angeles Times

April 27, 2002 Symposiumon Food, Culture, and History -California State University

“Diet as a Source of National Identity: The Persians and Arabs in the Middle Ages” 
Touraji Daryaee, Professor of History, CSU, Fullerton

“Feasting and Fasting in Medieval Europe”
Jochen Burgtorf, Professor of History, CSU, Fullerton 

“Rice and Slavery in Colonial America”
Judith Carney, Professor of Geography, UCLA

“Asserting the Art of Cookery”
Ken Albala, Professor of History, University of the Pacific

“The Relationship of Food and the Consumer Culture in Twentieth Century America”
Jeff Charles, Professor of History, CSU at San Marcos

March 9-10, 2001 "Rediscovering Religious Identities: Christianity and Islam in Modern Eurasia"
Arizona State University
Sponsored by:
ASU Graduate College
The Historical Society
ASU Department of History
ASU Department of Religious Studies
ASU Russian and East European Studies Consortium

September 16, 2000 Fall Regional Symposium, University of New Mexico,
"Re-viewing the American West" Presenters: UNM historians Virginia Scharff, Ferenc M. Szasz, Margaret Connell Szasz, and Richard W. Etulain

March 24, 2001 Lecture and Panel, Canisius College, Buffalo, NY
Natalie Z. Davis, "Slaves on Screen: Film and Historical Vision"
Event with luncheon and a brief talk by Professor Davis, followed by responses from three expert commentators on history and film:
John E. O'Connor (NJIT/Rutgers Federated History Dept.)
Robert B. Toplin (History, UNC-Wilmington)
Thomas Cripps (History, Morgan State University 

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