Global Operations Support Team

An additional resource at Boston University to support the global activities of its faculty, staff, and students is the Global Operations Support Team (“GOST”). Representatives from Global Programs and many key central administrative support offices comprise the GOST as illustrated above. Chaired by the Vice President and Associate Provost for Global Programs, the GOST meets regularly to discuss issues concerning the University’s global activities and to improve ways in which to provide central administration support to Boston University’s faculty, staff, and other program stakeholders. Global Programs’ staff also reaches out to individuals in BU’s academic and research units with specific subject matter expertise to help provide valuable input when developing useful procedures, guidelines, and best practices.

The GOST members are listed below and generally can respond to requests for assistance on a particular global issue or topic (corresponding to their name).  The members will be able to answer questions, assist in addressing an issue (including researching the issue before responding), or refer a call to a more appropriate resource.

Topic Name Title and Office Phone
Overall support; including legal issues Willis Wang VP and Associate Provost for Global Operations, and Deputy General Counsel;  Chair, GOST 617-358-6350
Overall support; including campus internationalization Amanda Miller Managing Director, Strategy & Communications
Office of Global Programs
Overall support; including personnel issues Roberta Turri Vise Managing Director, Operations Support
Office of Global Programs
Cash management issues; local bank account issues; field advances Kevin Nelson Managing Director, Finance & Planning
Office of Global Programs
Health, safety, and security issues Joseph Finkhouse Associate Director, Health, Safety & Security
Office of Global Programs
Risk management issues; insurance issues Paul Clancy Director
Risk Management
Real estate issues; leasing space; purchasing space Michael DiFabio Associate VP
Property Acquisition
Financial controls; payroll issues; field advances; invoice issues Gillian Emmons University Comptroller 617-353-2290
Legal issues, including review of agreements Kathleen Farrell Associate General Counsel 617-353-2326
Legal issues, including review of agreements Diane Gardener Associate General Counsel 617-353-2326
Research issues; foreign sponsors or subcontractors; export controls Marie Hladikova Export Control Director
Research Compliance
Purchasing issues; travel; acquiring goods and certain services abroad or from foreign vendors Andy Horner Vice President, Research Finance & Operations
Sourcing & Procurement
Financial controls Kara Kearney Audit Supervisor
Internal Audit
Visa, immigration issues, for students and scholars coming to BU Jeanne Kelley Managing Director
International Student & Scholars Office
IS&T issues; data and information security; IT connectivity issues; telecommunications Quinn Shamblin Executive Director of Information Security
Information Services & Technology
Financial controls; payroll issues; field advances; invoice issues Carol Lovell Associate Vice President, Financial Affairs
Debt & Treasury Management
Student health issues abroad and on-campus as affected by international travel Judy Platt Director
Student Health Services
Human resources; hiring employees and contractors to work abroad Diane Tucker Chief Human Resources Officer
Human Resources
Student issues and communications Jack Weldon Associate Dean of Students 617-353-4126