Refereed Publications

The Boston University-Five College Radio Astronomy Observatory Galactic Ring Survey PDF
\bibitem[Jackson et al.(2006)]{2006ApJS..163..145J} Jackson, J.~M., et al.\ 2006, \apjs, 163, 145

Resolving the Kinematic Distance Ambiguity toward Galactic H II Regions PDF
\bibitem[Kolpak et al.(2003)]{2003ApJ...582..756K} Kolpak, M.~A., Jackson, J.~M., Bania, T.~M., Clemens, D.~P., \& Dickey, J.~M.\ 2003, \apj, 582, 756

The Radial Distribution of Cold Atomic Hydrogen in the Galaxy PDF
\bibitem[Kolpak, Jackson, Bania, \& Dickey(2002)]{2002ApJ...578..868K}Kolpak, M.~A., Jackson, J.~M., Bania, T.~M., \& Dickey, J.~M.\ 2002, \apj, 578, 868

Five Star-forming Cores in the Galactic Ring Survey: A Mid-Infrared Study PDF
\bibitem[Kraemer et al.(2003)]{2003ApJ...588..918K} Kraemer, K.~E.~et al.\ 2003, \apj, 588, 918

A Comparison of 13CO and CS Emission in the Inner Galaxy PDF
\bibitem[McQuinn et al.(2002)]{2002ApJ...576..274M} McQuinn, K.~B.~W., Simon, R., Law, C.~J., Jackson, J.~M., Bania, T.~M., Clemens, D.~P., \& Heyer, M.~H.\ 2002, \apj, 576, 274

H I Self-Absorption and the Kinematic Distance Ambiguity: The Case of the Molecular Cloud GRSMC 45.6+0.3 PDF
\bibitem[Jackson et al.(2002)]{2002ApJ...566L..81J} Jackson, J.~M., Bania, T.~M., Simon, R., Kolpak, M., Clemens, D.~P., \& Heyer, M.\ 2002, \apjl, 566, L81

The Structure of Four Molecular Cloud Complexes in the BU-FCRAO Milky Way Galactic Ring Survey PDF
\bibitem[Simon et al.(2001)]{2001ApJ...551..747S} Simon, R., Jackson, J.~M., Clemens, D.~P., Bania, T.~M., \& Heyer, M.~H.\ 2001, \apj, 551,747

Dust Characteristics of Massive Star-forming Sites in the Mid-Infrared PDF
\bibitem[Kraemer et al.(2001)]{2001ApJ...561..282K} Kraemer, K.~E., Jackson, J.~M., Deutsch, L.~K., Kassis, M., Hora, J.~L., Fazio, G.~G., Hoffmann, W.~F., \& Dayal, A.\ 2001, \apj, 561, 282

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