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Case 1: Mrs. Parker
Case 2: Mrs. Nguyen
Case 3: Mr. Gomez
Case 4: Mr. Watson
Learning Objectives
Case Presentation
Taking a History
Physical Exam
Ordering Lab Tests
Looking at Labels
On the Floor
HDS Storage and Dispensing
Reporting adverse Effects and Interactions
Treatment, Counseling, and Discharge

Case 4: Mr. Watson

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On The Floor

Bill's diagnosis is Hypertension Crisis and dehydration due to an overdose of caffeine and ephedrine.

In the ER, he received 2 liters of normal saline and several doses of Labetalol to decrease his blood pressure. He is feeling better, his heart rate has decreased to 100 and his blood pressure is 160/90. Bill is admitted to the inpatient floor overnight for observation. 
To Review

Past Medical History
Exercised Induced Asthma

Family History
High blood pressure

Dietary Supplements Products
Peak Sports Performance

Ritalin - LA
Albuterol inhaler (PRN)

Social History
Likes to drink "Red Bull and Cola"
No tobacco or street drugs

You go to his bedside, and meet Bill's mother. Bill tells you he would like to continue to take his melatonin to help him sleep (he takes 5mg an hour before bed). His mother hands you an unopened bottle of Bill's Melatonin.  

For more information about Melatonin click the bottle.

on the floor

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