Please progress in order:IntroductionPre-Test Case 1: Mrs. Parker Learning objectivescase presentationregulation of herbs & dietary supplements (HDS)Types of Herbal ProductsQuality of HDSEvidence-Based ResearchWeighing the EvidencePatient Information SheetCase 2: Mrs. NguyenCase 3: Mr. GomezCase 4: Mr. WatsonPost-Test

Case 1: Mrs. Parker

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Learning Objectives

  1. Describe key U.S. herb and dietary supplement regulations and how they affect patient safety
  2. Name four different types of herb and dietary supplement products frequently used by patients
  3. Demonstrate the ability to advise patients about the quality, risks, and benefits of herbs and dietary supplements
  4. List three different herb and dietary supplements commonly used by female patients and describe their efficacy and safety profiles.
  5. List two different resources available to help patients acquire proper patient information on herb and dietary supplements






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