title2Some of our research interests include:

  • The impact of support and stress in families on the development of depression and adjustment in youth.
  • The impact of family treatment for school-aged kids with depression.
  • The role of family in the development of interpersonal relationships among youth.
  • The efficacy, utility, and process of family-focused treatment for bipolar disorder in adults.
  • The effect of family support on outcome in individual and group treatment for anxiety disorders.

Overall, this lab focuses on the role of the family in the development of mental health and treatment of mental disorders. Our current research includes:

Therapy Study for Children with Depression at Boston University

Do you know a child who appears sad or irritable, hopeless, or withdrawn?

It may be depression, a serious but treatable condition affecting 1 in 33 kids. Children with depression age 7 to15 may be eligible to participate in B.U.’s “Systems of Support” research study.

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