Carbon Day 2013- Copley Square, Boston


Wednesday, Oct 16th, 2013, 10 am – 2 pm, Copley Square, Boston

Come see this showcase of all the things we do as individuals, communities, and organizations to lower the carbon footprint in Boston!

Sponsored by Boston University Sustainable Neighborhood Lab and City of Boston Greenovate.  Exhibitors include:

  • The Science of Carbon: See and hear how carbon impacts our world with Nathan Phillips,  professor, Earth and the Environment, Boston University.   Watch Nathan on Chronicle TV.
  • Advocates for Literacy in Environmental Sciences (ALES):How does science measures carbon? How much carbon you emit when you breath?  Hands-on with Boston University graduate students.
  • City of Boston Greenovate:
    – Carbon Challenge: A fun, easy way to learn about your carbon footprint and what you can do to help reduce it. Pledge to an action, get reminded, and receive a gift. Your efforts are crucial in bringing down the carbon footprint of the City of Boston!
    – MindMixer: What are your ideas on making the City a more sustainable place? Get a sneak preview of the City’s new innovative online discussion platform to solicit feedback for Boston’s 2014 Climate Action Plan. Be part of the discussion on what the City can do!
  • Reyna Herrera, Master of Music, Boston Conservancy: An ingenious Percussion-on-a-Bike performance!   Youtube featuring Reynaliz
  • Sustainability@BU: Learn how BU’s campus housing, restaurants and people are helping BU to become one of the nation’s leading green universities!
  • Livable Streets, Rethinking Urban Transportation
  • Boston Bikes: Boston Bikes is Mayor Menino’s city-wide initiative to encourage citizens and visitors to use bicycles for fun, exercise and transportation.
  • Electric Vehicle Urban Infrastructure Study: Learn about all things Electric Vehicles
  • ConVerdant Vehicle: See a Plug-In Electric Vehicle!
  • 350 MA
  • Better Future Project
  • Boston University’s Sustainable Neighborhood Lab: Talk with the team that is working on an energy study at Madison Park Village, Roxbury, MA.
  • Clean Water Action
  • IBM: Demonstration of methane and carbon dioxide gas concentrations in Boston, a customized application of the IBM Smarter Building solution for energy optimization and analytics.
  • Boston Area Research Initiative (BARI)


Reserve a space:

We invite your Carbon Conscious organization to have a table at this event. Contact Nathan Phillips (nathan at bu.edu617-997-1057)

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