Learning Analysis Poll

Around the semester midpoint it’s a good idea to solicit feedback from students about how the course is going.

Benefits of the LAP process:

  • The LAP gives the instructor more details than do written evaluations because students have time to discuss the course in a confidential and interactive setting, while the consultant monitors responses to eliminate vagueness.
  • Students appreciate instructor interest in hearing their ideas about the course. Faculty also appreciate not having to read through written evaluations which can offer grating ambiguities and negative remarks.
  • Only responses that have been agreed upon by a majority vote are reported, so the instructor knows that most students concur with the suggestions.
  • A LAP requires only thirty minutes of class time, and an additional 30-45 minutes outside of class to review the results.
  • What instructors learn from a LAP, especially one done in the first six weeks of the semester, helps them and the students get more from the course—with no delay.

The LAP Process:

  • The LAP process takes about 30 minutes in class with students followed by an individual consultation between CTL consultant and faculty.
  • CTL consultant introduces the LAP process to the students after the instructor has left the classroom (5 minutes).
  • Students work in small groups to answer the LAP questions (10 minutes).
  • CTL consultant discusses results with students (15 minutes).
  • CTL consultant meets at a later date/time with instructor to review results and offers suggestions for responding to the comments(30-45 minutes)

Interested in conducting a LAP for your class? Please use the CTL Consultation Request Form to begin the scheduling process.