Learning Analysis Poll

Gathering feedback from students mid-semester about how the course is going offers instructors a chance to make adjustments in time to improve their students’ learning experience for the rest of the semester.  Evaluations may consist of open-ended or specific questions (see samples of both types of evaluation forms),

A Learning Analysis Poll, or LAP, is a structured way to collect student feedback in the middle of the semester.  By having a CTL consultant gather and analyze student feedback, the instructor stays focused on the concerns that a majority of students share, rather than getting distracted by comments that are outliers or unclear.  A typical LAP takes about 20-25 minutes total of in-class time (during which the instructor leaves the room) followed by a 30-minute confidential consultation with a CTL consultant and the instructor.  Scheduling LAPs is dependent on CTL staff availability.

The LAP Process (as adapted for LfA in fall 2020):

  • In class, the instructor plays a short video in which the CTL introduces the LAP process to the students.  The instructor will share a link to an anonymous Qualtrics survey (prepared by the CTL) for students to complete as homework.  
  • The Qualtrics survey asks students three questions:
    • Which aspects of this course help your learning?
    • Which aspects of this course hinder your learning?
    • Which suggestions do you have for improving the course? 
  • A CTL consultant reads through students’ responses and identifies recurring themes.
  • The instructor and CTL consultant will find a 20-25 minute slot when the CTL consultant can visit the class, with the instructor out of the room.  All students should join class via Zoom that day.  The CTL consultant facilitates a discussion in which students can clarify and expand on the feedback they offered in the survey. (If enrollment exceeds 25, multiple CTL consultants may visit class to facilitate discussion).
  • The CTL consultant and instructor meet at a later date and time to review the results and strategize about how to address student comments in a 30-minute confidential consultation.  

Please use the CTL Consultation Request Form to begin the scheduling process.