CELOP Mission Statement

The mission of the Boston University Center for English Language and Orientation Programs (CELOP) is to help international students and professionals succeed in their academic and work lives by offering programs that enhance their English language and cultural competence. As a division of Boston University Global Programs, CELOP upholds the University’s long-standing commitment to international education and to the promotion of global understanding and goodwill. CELOP faculty and staff also strive to serve as a model for the advancement of professional standards and quality instruction in intensive English programs at universities and colleges in the United States. To achieve our goals:

  • 1CELOP’s highly qualified and experienced faculty is dedicated to providing English language instruction which is responsive to the specific needs of the student population with particular emphasis on academic and professional preparation.  The Center makes every effort to provide the students with an optimal learning environment, including the most effective pedagogical methods and instructional materials, the latest technology, and modern office and classroom facilities.
  • 2CELOP’s professionally trained administrative staff is committed to providing support services essential to student adjustment in the United States.  Through organized social, cultural, and educational activities, the Center fosters adaptation to and competence in participation in American life.  Professional academic advisors guide students in formulating their academic plans related to American colleges and universities, and CELOP immigration counselors communicate current immigration regulations to students.
  • 3CELOP fully supports and promotes the ongoing professional development of the faculty and staff.  CELOP is dedicated to maintaining program excellence, fostering high faculty and staff morale, and keeping pace with changing trends in the field of international education and the teaching of English as a second language.
  • 4CELOP faculty and staff strive to foster an organizational and educational environment at the Center that is characterized by mutual respect and understanding, fairness, and open communication among all members of the faculty, staff, and student body.