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Week of 21 January 2005· Vol. VIII, No. 16

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MED researcher probes sleep at new zebrafish facility

In a new facility on the Medical Campus, Irina Zhdanova, a MED associate professor of anatomy and neurobiology, is studying zebrafish to better understand how the hormone melatonin affects sleep, circadian rhythms, and cognitive functions. Photo by Kalman Zabarsky

By Tim Stoddard
The gentle bubbling sound from hundreds of fish tanks in Irina Zhdanova’s laboratory could lull a person to sleep.


National Science Foundation budget cut a blow to innovation

Matthew K. Emsley (ENG’03) and Yan Li (ENG’07) at work in the Optical Characterization and Nanophotonics Laboratories, directed by Bennett Goldberg, a CAS and GRS physics professor and department chairman, and Selim Ünlü, an ENG electrical and computer engineering professor. Research teams overseen by Goldberg and Ünlü have received major grants from the National Science Foundation, which in November had its budget slashed by $105 million. Photo by Vernon Doucette

By Jessica Ullian
Congress cut the National Science Foundation’s budget by $105 million in November provoking disbelief among researchers and academics across the nation.

BU's beefed-up machine shop: instrumental in science

Mike McKenna, director of the Scientific Instrument Facility (right), fine-tunes an aluminum component for a mass spectrometer that Peter O’Connor, a MED research assistant professor of biochemistry, is building. Photo by Kalman Zabarsky

By Tim Stoddard
Scientists usually walk into Mike McKenna’s office with little more than doodles drawn on napkins and good ideas they’d had in the shower.

Former NAACP LEgal Defense Fund president issues "call to conscience" in King's memory

Elaine R. Jones Photo by Kalman Zabarsky

By David J. Craig
Elaine R. Jones, the first woman to lead the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund (LDF), knew from age eight that she wanted to be a lawyer.

Feds reduce Pell grant eligibility, but impact here is probably "minimal"

By Brian Fitzgerald
Because of a change in federal rules affecting financial aid, nearly a quarter of college students who receive Pell grants will get a smaller award this year, according to an estimate by the American Council on Education (ACE).

BUMC to step up safety procedures following tularemia infections

Boston University Medical Center “will be enhancing laboratory training and procedures including unannounced safety inspections” in response to tularemia infections that affected three employees last year, BUMC officials announced in an e-mail to Medical Campus faculty and staff on January 19.


An artistic synthesis draws on icons from many cultures

Snakes and Palmettes, 2004, oil on canvas, 42” x 30”.

By David J. Craig
It has been called minor art, industrial art, and art of second rank. If you can use it, according to the West’s traditional distinction between fine art and decorative art, it’s the latter. That distinction, the paintings of Lise Lemeland seem to insist, ought not exist.

The Office of Disability Services won the annual ice sculpting contest at the University’s holiday party for a frozen work that depicts three hands spelling the word joy in sign language. On December 16, Dann Berkowitz, the office’s assistant director, Michelle Reynolds, an administrative coordinator, and Wanda Velez-Jusino, a senior staff assistant, begin to carve their 300-pound block of ice. Photo by Albert L’Etoile
Ice sculpture winners
Sargent College's Healthy Lifestyle CHallenge.
United Way Campaign update

21 January 2005
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