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Men's soccer vs. URI at 4 p.m. and women's soccer vs. Harvard at 7 p.m. at Nickerson Field on Wednesday, September 22

Week of 17 September 2004 · Vol. VIII, No. 3

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ENG prof: DNA forensics can spot guilty twin

Cassandra Smith, an ENG professor of biomedical engineering, is developing a new method of DNA fingerprinting that can distinguish between identical twins. Photo by Kalman Zabarsky

By Tim Stoddard
DNA fingerprinting was discovered 20 years ago this month, and while it has become widely accepted in the judicial system, Smith says that the standard tests used by the FBI and police are not detailed enough to distinguish between identical twins.

Digital imaging arts center opens in Waltham

Bob Daniels (COM’70, SED’76, GSM’79), director of the Center for Digital Imaging Arts. Photo by Fred Sway

By Brian Fitzgerald
Digital imaging has spawned a revolution in photography, filmmaking, animation, and a variety of other communications arts, so it’s apt that the College of Communication has located its new digital imaging arts program in a revolutionary city on the Charles River, says Bob Daniels (COM’70, SED’76, GSM’79), the program’s executive director.

Distance Education programs expand degree possibilities, meet growing market

Metropolitan College Associate Professors Robert Cadigan (left) and Tom Nolan are actively involved in the school’s online criminal justice program. Photo by Kalman Zabarsky

By Danielle Masterson
MET offered its first class via the Internet in late 2000 and launched its first master’s degree program, in criminal justice, two years later with just 39 students; it now has about 400 students. At present, BU offers five degrees online through MET and Sargent College, with nearly 1,000 students.

Legalize it: new book argues for drug-law reform

Jeffrey A. Miron argues that prohibiting drugs causes more problems than legalizing them. Photo courtesy of the Independent Institute

By Jessica Ullian
In the long-standing argument over whether certain drugs should be legalized, legislators and law-enforcement officials have formulated their stance on moral, ethical, and political grounds. Economist Jeffrey A. Miron has focused on another component of the discussion: the economics of legalization.

Dim sum and duck feet: anthropology students take food tours of Boston

Professor Merry White, eating “Chinese Muslim” bread in Shanghai, 2003; students take culinary tours of Boston in her anthropology course. Photo courtesy of Merry White

By Jessica Ullian
Merry “Corky” White will never force you to eat anything, but she would like you to try what’s on your plate. On a field trip for her course Food, Culture, and Society, that could be dim sum. Or durian. Or duck feet.


World-class competitor brings sport of orienteering to BU

Viktoria Brautigam (SAR’07) uses a map and compass to navigate through Amory Park in Brookline. The exercise physiology major hopes to introduce orienteering to BU. Photo by Kalman Zabarsky

By Danielle Masterson
Orienteering is a competitive form of land navigation in which people locate marked points in a charted course, usually in a heavily wooded area, much like a treasure hunt. Each point has a flag and a distinctive card-puncher that the orienteer uses to mark a scorecard to prove he or she found it.

BU Prison Education Program alum graduates to the big time—publishing his first novel

The novel Boyos, by Richard Marinick (MET’92,’95), is about violent South Boston gangsters — a world Marinick knows all too well. Photo by Kalman Zabarsky

By Brian Fitzgerald
Richard Marinick looks down from the roof deck of his condo in South Boston at the streets where he once ran wild with a neighborhood crime gang.

Study, study, study. Scott Aiese (SMG’06), Sharon Cziesietnik (SMG’06), and Erin Cluney (SMG’06) aren’t wasting a minute between classes at the School of Management on September 9. Photo by Kalman Zabarsky

Study, study, study


Trick shot artist Buddy Shelton provided playing tips and comic relief at BU’s 13th annual Invitational Golf and Tennis Tournament, held at the Belmont Country Club in Belmont, Mass., on September 13.

BU's 13th annual Invitational Golf and Tennis Tournament


17 September 2004
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