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Week of 3 September 2004 · Vol. VIII, No. 1

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ENG Dean Campbell named Provost ad interim

David Campbell speaks with archaeology major Danielle Carr (CAS’06). Photo by Fred Sway

By David J. Craig
Campbell, dean of the College of Engineering since 2000, recently was named BU’s provost ad interim.


What goes around comes around

Boston Latin Academy graduates Arianne Cordon (CAS’08) and Michael Maguire (CAS’93) outside the school. Maguire is now an ancient Greek and Latin teacher at the public high school. Photo by Kalman Zabarsky.

By Danielle Masterson
Arianne Cordon rolled her eyes when Michael Maguire (CAS’93), her ancient Greek teacher at Boston Latin Academy, referred to his alma mater in class as the “world’s greatest university.”

COM student journalists turn in clutch performances at Democratic Convention

BU student Peter DiCampo (COM’05) jockeyed among frenzied delegates and fellow journalists to get this shot on the final night of the Democratic National Convention, as John Kerry accepts his party’s presidential nomination.

By Brian Fitzgerald
Screaming. Clapping. Fists pumping. Banners and flags waving. John Kerry had just delivered his acceptance speech at the Democratic National Convention, and the delegates were going crazy.

Basketball as post-traumatic therapy

BU men’s basketball coach Dennis Wolff with Boston Mayor Thomas Menino (Hon.’01) during the University’s summer camp at Case Gymnasium. Photo by Kalman Zabarsky

By Danielle Masterson
Four weeks after seeing their coach murdered in Roxbury, 19 youngsters returned to the basketball court, this time at Boston University’s Case Gymnasium.

Hotel Commonwealth gives luxury accomodations a personal touch

Tim Kirwan, general manager of the Hotel Commonwealth, says his staff’s personal attention to guests helps distinguish the luxury hotel from the local competition. Photo by Kalman Zabarsky

By David J. Craig
Enter the front lobby of Kenmore Square’s Hotel Commonwealth and you might feel as if you’ve stepped back in time 150 years, into a stately residence out of Boston’s Brahman past.


High schoolers learn tools of the trade in MED biotechnology summer program

In their fictional biotechnology company, called BioCity, high school students (from left) James Conway, Jaclyn Godfrey, and Anna Goldie coax bacteria into producing a green fluorescent protein. Photo by Kristen Perfetuo

By Tim Stoddard
Now in its 10th year, the Biotechnology SummerLab Program is a weeklong camp for high school students interested in learning the concepts and skills of DNA science.

Learning about the Boston Harbor Cleanup from waterway's eyes, ears, and mouthpiece

On Georges Island, Bruce Berman talks with his students about the history of the Boston Harbor Cleanup, which is 95 percent complete. Photo by Vernon Doucette

By Brian Fitzgerald
Bruce Berman, aboard a ferry from Boston’s Long Wharf to Georges Island, poses a question to his students: “How clean is clean enough?”



In flowers, BU botanists see global warming

Richard Primack (right), a CAS professor of biology, and graduate student Abraham Miller-Rushing (GRS’08) have found that plants in Boston’s Arnold Arboretum are flowering eight days earlier on average than they did a century ago. The earlier bloom times closely parallel the rise in Boston’s average annual temperature — about three degrees Fahrenheit — over the same time period. Primack holds an herbarium specimen collected from the azalea behind him at its peak bloom on May 18, 1938. The same azalea flowered eight days earlier this past May. Photo by Anica Miller-Rushing

By Tim Stoddard
Richard Primack, a CAS professor of biology, and graduate student Abraham Miller-Rushing (GRS’08) have recently reported that the arboretum’s flowering denizens are blooming more than a week earlier on average than a century ago.

Ask the Bridge
Are fresh vegetables the most healthful to eat?

Faculty awards and honors


First one back to class. Summer freshman orientation groups, like this one led by Jeff Butler (CAS’06), had plenty of light moments. In hot pursuit are (from left) Christopher Rennie (CAS’08) and Haokun Xu (CAS’08). Photo by Simon Anderson (CAS’06)

First one back to class.


More than 425 yards of concrete were poured inside the Harry Agganis Arena this summer.

More than 425 yards of concrete were poured inside the Harry Agganis Arena this summer

Paving the way. Construction workers lay down a brick and granite walkway in front of the new Harry Agganis Arena on August 27. Photo by Kalman Zabarsky

Paving the way.
The Daily Show with Jon Stewart brought its “Indecision 2004” coverage of the Democratic National Convention to BU, broadcasting four shows from the Tsai Performance Center, from July 27 to 30. The Emmy Award–winning nightly news parody program, on the road for the first time in two years, brought in such guests as Senator Joseph Biden (D-Delaware) and New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson. The audience policy was first-come, first-served, and hundreds lined up on the Commonwealth Avenue sidewalk for each night’s 7 p.m. taping. All politicians were fair game for the 41-year-old Stewart, whose show has an audience of about a million viewers. This wasn’t the first TV show broadcast from the Tsai, known mostly for music and theater performances. It was the setting for a gubernatorial debate between Mitt Romney and Shannon O’Brien (LAW’85) two years ago, and a 1996 taping of Late Night with David Letterman. Photo by Vernon Doucette

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart
Viewed from inside CAS on August 27, upperclassmen use team-building exercises to prepare for training freshman volunteers in BU’s First-Year Student Outreach Project (FYSOP). Photo by Kalman Zabarsky

Viewed from inside CAS on August 27
Elbow room. The masses of students typically found on Commonwealth Avenue slow to a trickle over the summer. Photo by Fred Sway

Elbow Room
Incoming freshmen get to know one another as well as the University during summer orientation events. Photo by Fred Sway

Incoming freshmen get to know one another

3 September 2004
Boston University
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