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Week of 26 March 2004 · Vol. VII, No. 25

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New England salt marshes at risk from increasing global warming

Britt Argow (GRS'06) measures ice-rafted sediment in a salt marsh at Wells Beach in Maine. Photo by Scott Orringer

By Brian Fitzgerald
Britt Argow has long been interested in the evolution of our planet's shores, particularly their vulnerable salt marshes.



Physicist Stanley honored for decades of achievement

H. Eugene Stanley, a University Professor, a CAS professor of physics, and the director of the Center for Polymer Studies, will receive the 2004 Boltzmann Award. Photo by Kalman Zabarsky

By Tim Stoddard
H. Eugene Stanley has a hard time saying no to new scientific puzzles. Stanley, a University Professor, a CAS professor of physics, and director of the Center for Polymer Studies, has explored phenomena from avalanches to Alzheimer's disease to the unusual nature of water.

Technology commercialization a heroic cause, according to visiting industry expert

George Gilder. Photo by Vernon Doucette

By David J. Craig
Ideas are the most valuable commodities in today's economy. At least that's what many proponents of information technology posit. But according to George Gilder, the aphorism badly needs an upgrade.


Pressure to publish, plight of publishers focus of CGS panel

Silvia Shaw, a CGS assistant professor of rhetoric. Photo by Fred Sway

By Tim Stoddard
For junior faculty in the humanities, publishing a book-length monograph has become a key factor in achieving tenure.



Christina Mork and 25 other runners are members of the Saucony 26 team, created to honor the different motivations people have to run; each member represents one mile of the marathon's 26.2-mile course. Mork receives a pair of running shoes from Saucony. Photo by Phoebe Sexton (CAS'06)

The 108th Boston Marathon - Countdown to Monday April 19, 2004



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Portraying Shakti, the Indian goddess of power, in a recent dance performance of Hunt, Aparna Sindhoor makes a gesture that in classical Indian dance represents throwing a spear at a demon.

UNI doctoral candidate uses expressive dance to portray Indian politics
By David J. Craig

Moving gently across the stage, her sinuous figure draped in brightly colored traditional Indian dress and ornate jewelry, Aparna Sindhoor is the epitome of the exotic Indian female.

A matched set. On Match Day, Thursday, March 18, approximately 16,000 fourth-year medical students across the country received their residency assignments through the National Resident Matching Program, a tradition begun in 1952. After graduating from medical school, new physicians spend at least three years as residents, receiving advanced training in their chosen field. MED students display their acceptance letters: (from left) Maureen Magut, who will train in radiology at the Mayo Clinic, Ingerlisa Mattoch, who will study pathology at the University of Stanford Medical Center, and LaFarra Young, who will pursue pathology at the University of Mississippi Medical Center. Photo by Kalman Zabarsky
A matched set


26 March 2004
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