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Week of 13 February 2004 · Vol. VII, No. 19

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Midday Shave. Lauren Hansen-Flaschen (CAS'04)

Midday Shave. Lauren Hansen-Flaschen (CAS'04)

In the artist's words...

Lauren Hansen-Flaschen (CAS'04), who is studying religion and sociology, has had several photography internships. She has presented her work in shows and is currently a photographer for The Bostonian, BU's yearbook. Photographs from her travels in south and southeast Asia, including Midday Shave (above), shot in northern India, are being shown at the exhibition Images for Interconnection at Boston's Qingping Gallery Teahouse, 231 Shawmut Ave., February 12 to 22. “My fascination with, and portrayal of, different cultures is not to illustrate the ‘other,'” she says. “Instead, through presenting these photographs publicly, the purpose is to eradicate the conception of the ‘other.' . . . Differences are beautiful and painful. They teach us new ways of thinking about and experiencing life. But differences also reflect separation from each other, which increases when variations are made more distinct and defined. When people share a moment, they are connected in a way that transcends and devalues differences. Photographs provide a way to share with others moments that we have not lived firsthand. A photograph can overcome time and place, letting us experience and share moments that were previously not part of our reality. Then when all elements of separation are overcome, total interconnection is made possible. We no longer share the same moment; we become part of the same moment.”


13 February 2004
Boston University
Office of University Relations