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Expanding Universe: The Recent Paintings of Al Held, November 7 through January 11, 2004, at the BU Art Gallery

Week of 31 October 2003· Vol. VII, No. 10

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Student analyzez Native American artifacts beneath Quincy playground

Margo Davis (GRS’02,’05) examines a stone weight that is part of an atlatl, an ancient spear-throwing device. 1999 photo by Kalman Zabarsky

By Brian Fitzgerald
Archaeology graduate student Margo Davis was intrigued by the discovery in 1999 of rare Native American artifacts along the Quincy shore, artifacts described as thousands of years old and a “once-in-a-100-years-type find” by Massachusetts state archaeologist Brona Simon.

ENG Faculty developing sensors that stay in touch

John Baillieul, Christos Cassandras, and Yannis Paschalidis (seated, from left) of ENG’s Center for Information Systems Engineering are developing sensor network control systems with far-reaching applications in manufacturing, homeland security, and space exploration. Their interdisciplinary team includes University of Massachusetts, Amherst, faculty Abhi Deshmukh, Weibo Gong (standing, from left), and Robert Gao (seated, far right). Photo by Fred Sway

By Tim Stoddard
When an unbalanced washing machine starts dancing across the floor, a sensor inside detects the wild gyrations and halts the spin cycle. In the future, says Christos Cassandras, washing machines and other household appliances will go a step further: they’ll call a repairman before a part breaks.

Psychohistory course probes the psyches that changes the world

Anna Geifman Photo by Vernon Doucette

By Brian Fitzgerald
Psychohistory? Qu’est-ce que c’est?
Besides being the study of the psychological origins of historical events, it’s also a new colloquium offered this fall at BU.



As part of CFA’s Educational Bridge Project, 40 Russian composers, musicians, and music scholars are visiting Boston University through November 20 to participate with their BU counterparts in a variety of concerts, lectures, and workshops. Among the visitors are members of the Moscow State Conservatory’s Studio New Music ensemble: (above, from left) soloists Pavel Zhdanov, Maria Khodina, and Mihail Doubov, ensemble conductor Igor Dronov, and soloists Marianna Vysotskaya, Maya Bakum, and Maria Volkova. Photo by Sergey Belyaev

CFA hosts composers, players, and scholars on cutting edge of Russian music

By David J. Craig

If you were the author, coauthor, editor or coeditor of a book published in 2003, the BU Bridge would like to include it in our annual list of books by faculty and staff, which will be published early next year.

Please fill out the form at www.bu.edu/bridge/books. Please fill out a separate form for each submission.

For questions, please contact amydean@bu.edu.

Image of United Way campaign poster
United Way drawing winners to enjoy night away from home, Beanpot hockey

31 October 2003
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