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Here is our annual inventory of books published by BU faculty and staff members during the 2002 calendar year. In compiling these titles, we have tried to be comprehensive. If there are any omissions, please notify the B.U. Bridge, 10 Lenox St., Brookline, MA 02446; e-mail bubridge@bu.edu.

Aarons, Jules (GRS’49) (CAS research professor of astronomy): Provincetown, 1949–1965: A Photographic Memoir (Boston Public Library)

Abraham, Carmela R. (MED professor of biochemistry) and Slot, Franchot: Role of Proteases in the Pathophysiology of Neurodegenerative Diseases (Kluwer Academic/Plenum Publishers)

Anderson, David R. (Program manager, Join Together Program, SPH) et al.: Bringing Victims into Community Policing (U.S. Department of Justice, Office of Community Oriented Policing)

Anthony, William (SAR professor and executive director, Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation), Farkas, Marianne (SAR’81) (SAR research associate professor and director of training, Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation), Gagne, Cheryl (SAR’90,’02) (SAR senior training associate, Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation), and Cohen, Mikal: Psychiatric Rehabilitation, 2nd Edition (Boston University)

Bacevich, Andrew J. (CAS professor of international relations and director, Center for International Relations): American Empire: The Realities and Consequences of U.S. Diplomacy (Harvard University Press)

Baker, Kristin (MED research associate, Arthritis Center), Lindner, Lawrence, Nelson, Miriam, and Roubenoff, Ronenn: Strong Women and Men Beat Arthritis (Putnam). New York Times best-seller.

Basker-Seigel, Mildred (CAS Spanish preceptor): Study Guide for Gabriel Garciá Márquez’s El Coronel No Tiene Quien Le Escriba (Thomson Custom Publishers); and Iglesias, Juan Carlos Fernández (CAS Spanish preceptor): Custom Exercises for Dozier and Iguina’s Manual de Gramática (Thomson Custom Publishers). 2002 Humanities Foundation Award.

Beatty, Jeffrey (SMG associate professor of strategy and policy) and Samuelson, Susan (SMG associate professor of strategy and policy): Essentials of Business Law for a New Century (Thomson Learning) and Legal Environment for a New Century (Thomson Learning)

Bell, Millicent (CAS professor emerita of English): Shakespeare’s Tragic Skepticism (Yale University Press)

Birkerts, Sven (Editor, Agni magazine): My Sky Blue Trades: Growing Up Counter in a Contrary Time (Viking)

Botsford, Keith (COM professor of journalism): The Mothers (Toby Press); translator: Sixth Form, by Marcella Olschki (Toby Press); writing as I. I. Magdalen: Lennie and Vance and Benji (Toby Press Crime)

Brown, Eric W. (MET lecturer), Burns, John, Sheehan, Thomas, and Wentworth, Bob: A Gathering of Memories (Saugus.net/Jostens)

Burns, Chris (Senior staff assistant, MET), Getting, Anthony, Pinto, Jim, Soesbee, Ree, Vaux, Rob, and Yates, K. D.: Tales of the Assassin’s Strike Anthology (Alderac Entertainment Group)

Candee, Richard M. (CAS professor and director of preservation studies, GRS American and New England Studies Program): The Artful Life of Thomas P. Moses (Portsmouth Athenaeum/Peter Ravall)

Cass, Ronald A. (Melville Madison Bigelow Professor of Law and dean, LAW), Beermann, Jack M. (LAW professor of law), and Diver, Colin S.: Administrative Law: Cases and Materials, 4th Edition (Aspen Law & Business); with Knoll, Michael, eds.: International Trade Law -- International Library of Essays in Law and Legal Theory, Second Series (Ashgate Publishing Co.)

Clapp, Richard (SPH’89) (SPH professor of environmental health), McCally, Michael, ed.: Life Support: The Environment and Human Health (MIT Press)

Coffman, Jay (MED’54) (MED professor of medicine) and Eberhardt, Robert (MED assistant professor of medicine): Peripheral Arterial Disease (Humana Press)

Colton, Theodore (SPH professor and chairman emeritus of epidemiology and biostatistics) with Armitage, Peter, eds.: Biostatistical Genetics and Genetic Epidemiology (John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.)

Corgan, Michael T. (GRS’91) (CAS associate professor of international relations and director of undergraduate studies): Iceland and Its Alliances: Security for a Small State (Edwin Mellen Press)

Corrin, Jay (GRS’76) (CGS professor and chairman, division of social science): Catholic Intellectuals and the Challenge of Democracy (University of Notre Dame Press)

Cottle, Thomas J. (SED professor of special education): Intimate Appraisals: The Social Writings of Thomas J. Cottle (University Press of New England)

Cullinane, Dennis M. (MED assistant professor of surgery and orthopedics) et al., eds.: Principles of Bone Biology (Academic Press)

Daverio, John (CFA’75,’77, GRS’83) (CFA professor of music and chairman of musicology, CFA and CAS): Crossing Paths: Schubert, Schumann, Brahms (Oxford University Press)

Degener, Michael (CAS’80) (CAS instructor) with Der Derian, James, translators: Desert Screen: War at the Speed of Light (Continuum Books)

Delattre, Edwin J. (SED professor and CAS professor of philosophy): Character and Cops: Ethics in Policing, 4th Edition (AEI Press)

Delgado, Melvin (SSW professor of social work): New Frontiers for Youth Development in the Twenty-First Century: Revitalizing and Broadening Youth Development (Columbia University Press)

de Quadros, Andre (CFA professor of music, director ad interim of the school of music, and chairman of music education), ed.: Pokpok Alimpako (Earthsongs)

DiCocco, John (COM’81) (SMG publications manager): New England GolfGuide 2003 (GolfGuide Publishing)

Dillon, Carolyn (SSW professor of clinical practice and chairman of social work): Learning from Mistakes in Clinical Practice (Wadsworth); and Murphy, B.: Interviewing in Action: Relationship, Process, and Change (Brooks/Cole)

Di Perri, Kristin (SED lecturer): Figurative Language in English Context (Butte Publications); Multiple Meanings in English Context (Butte Publications); Visual Verbs: Teaching the State-of-Being (Butte Publications)

Doeringer, Peter B. (CAS professor of economics), Evans-Klock, Christine, and Terkla, David G.: Start-up Factories: High-Performance Management, Job Quality, and Regional Advantage (Oxford University Press)

Eckel, Malcolm David (CAS associate professor of religion): Buddhism (Oxford University Press)

Eckstein, Susan (CAS professor of sociology) with Wickham-Crowley, Timothy, eds.: Struggles for Social Rights in Latin America (Routledge)

Eichenbaum, Howard (UNI professor and CAS professor of psychology): The Cognitive Neuroscience of Memory: An Introduction (Oxford University Press)

Elasmar, Michael G. (COM associate professor of mass communication, advertising, and public relations), ed.: The Impact of International Television: A Paradigm Shift (Lawrence Erlbaum and Associates)

El-Baz, Farouk (GRS research professor and director, Center for Remote Sensing): Wadis of Oman: Atlas of Satellite Images (Government of Oman)

Emerson, Jocelyn (Assistant director, CAS Honors Program): Sea Gate (Alice James Books). New York/New England Award, Alice James Books.

Fredriksen, Paula (William Goodwin Aurelio Professor of the Appreciation of Scripture) and Reinhartz, Adele: Jesus, Judaism, and Christian Anti-Judaism: Reading the New Testament After the Holocaust (Westminster John Knox Press)

Fromkin, David (CAS professor of international relations and history, UNI professor, and director, Pardee Center for the Study of the Longer-Range Future): Kosovo Crossing: The Reality of American Intervention in the Balkans (Touchstone Books)

Glenn, Charles L. (SED professor and UNI fellow): The Myth of the Common School (ICS Press); and De Groof, Jan: Finding the Right Balance: Freedom, Autonomy, and Accountability in Education, Volumes 1 and 2 (Lemma)

Goldstein, Erik (CAS professor and chairman of international relations): The First World War Peace Settlements (Longmans); with Fry, Michael, and Langhorne, Richard, eds.: Guide to International Relations and Diplomacy (Continuum)

Goncalves, Marcus (MET lecturer): The Knowledge Tornado: Bridging the Corporate Knowledge Gap (Blackhall Publishing)

Grimes, William W. (CAS assistant professor of international relations) with Schaede, Ulrike, eds.: Japan’s Managed Globalization: Adapting to the 21st Century (M. E. Sharpe)

Haakonssen, Knud (CAS professor of philosophy) with Brookes, Derek, eds.: Thomas Reid, Essays on the Intellectual Powers of Man (Edinburgh University Press)

Haeri, Shahla (CAS assistant professor of anthropology and director, Women’s Studies Program): No Shame for the Sun: Lives of Professional Pakistani Women (Syracuse University Press)

Hall, Douglas T. (SMG professor of organizational behavior): Careers in and out of Organizations (Sage)

Hammond, Norman (CAS professor and acting chairman of archaeology): Az Osi Maja Civilizáció (A Vámbery Ármin Keleti Szabadeggebem Kiadása, Hungary)

Hayes, Amy (Head softball coach, Athletics) et al., eds.: The High School Softball Player’s Guide to College Recruiting (College Bound Sports, Inc.)

Haynes, Kenneth (CAS assistant professor of classical studies and assistant director, Editorial Institute) with Young, Julian, translators: Off the Beaten Track (Cambridge University Press)

Hect, Neil S. (LAW professor of law and director, Institute of Jewish Law): Controversy and Dialogue in the Halakhic Sources, Volume 3 (Hebrew University of Jerusalem)

Henderson, Jeffrey (CAS professor of classical studies and dean of Arts and Sciences), translator: Aristophanes, Volume IV (Harvard University Press). Goodwin Award, American Philological Association.

Hill, Geoffrey (UNI professor, CAS professor of literature and religion, and codirector, Editorial Institute): The Orchards of Syon (Counterpoint Press)

Hoffman, Andrew (SMG assistant professor of organizational behavior) with Ventresca, Marc, eds.: Organizations, Policy and the Natural Environment: Institutional and Strategic Perspectives (Stanford University Press)

Hofman, Stefan G. (CAS assistant professor of psychology) with Tompson, Martha C. (CAS assistant professor of psychology), eds.: Treating Chronic and Severe Mental Disorders: A Handbook of Empirically Supported Interventions (Guilford Press)

Honig, Lucy (SPH associate professor of international health): Open Season: Stories (Scala House Publishers)

Hosaka, Toshio (MED biochemistry research associate): Glucose Transporter (Nippon Rinsho)

Howe, Michael (ENG professor of aerospace and mechanical engineering): Theory of Vortex Sound (Cambridge University Press)

Hylton, Keith N. (LAW professor of law): Antitrust Law: Economic Theory and Common Law Evolution (Cambridge University Press)

Jeay, Sebastien (MED postdoctoral biochemistry fellow) and Yu-Lee, Li-yua: Hormone Signaling (Kluwer Academic Publishers)

Jin, Ha (GRS’94) (CAS professor of creative writing): The Crazed (Pantheon)

Johnson, Art (SED visiting assistant professor), Boswell, Laurie, and Evans, Richard: After School Achievers Math Club Grade 6; Grade 7; Grade 8 (Houghton Mifflin); and Bass, Laurie: Geometry (Prentice Hall)

Kambil, Ajit (SMG adjunct professor) and Van Heck, Eric: Making Markets: How Firms Can Design and Profit From Online Auctions and Exchanges (Harvard Business School Press)

Kestenbaum, Victor (CAS associate professor of philosophy and SED associate professor of education): The Grace and the Severity of the Ideal: John Dewey and the Transcendent (University of Chicago Press)

Kibria, Nazli (CAS associate professor of sociology): Becoming Asian American: Second-Generation Chinese and Korean American Identities (Johns Hopkins University Press)

Kleiner, Fred S. (CAS professor of art history and archaeology) and Mamiya, Christin J.: Art Through the Ages: The Western Perspective (Wadsworth)

Kopp, David (CFA associate professor of music): Chromatic Transformations in Nineteenth-Century Music (Cambridge University Press)

Korom, Frank J. (CAS assistant professor of religion and anthropology): Hosay Trinidad: Muharram Performances in an Indo-Caribbean Diaspora (University of Pennsylvania Press)

Kraft, Erik P. (Analyst/consultant, CAS): Lenny and Mel (Simon & Schuster)

Lahav, Pnina (LAW professor of law) with Harris, Ron, Kedar, Alexandre, and Likhovski, Assaf, eds.: The History of Law in a Multi-Cultural Society: Israel 1917–1967 (Ashgate/Dartmouth)

Leckey, Andrew (COM visiting professor of business and economics journalism) with Auletta, Ken, eds.: The Best Business Stories of the Year: 2002 Edition (Random House Publishing)

Lengel, James G. (COM assistant professor of mass communication, advertising, and public relations): Web Wizard’s Guide to Shockwave (Addison-Wesley)

Leonard, Gerald (LAW associate professor of law): The Invention of Party Politics: Federalism, Popular Sovereignty, and Constitutional
Development in Jacksonian Illinois (University of North Carolina Press)

Lepore, Jill (CAS associate professor of history): A Is for American: Letters and Other Characters in the Newly United States (Alfred A. Knopf)

Leventhal, Fred M. (CAS professor of history), ed.: Twentieth-Century Britain: An Encyclopedia (Peter Lang Publishing)

Loscalzo, Joseph (Wade Professor and chairman of medicine, MED), Awtry, Eric (MED instructor), Gururaj, A., Maytin, M., Tsang, M., and Zachariah, B.: Blueprints in Cardiology (Blackwell Publishing); with Sasahara, Arthur, eds.: New Therapeutic Agents in Thrombosis and Thrombolysis (Marcel Dekker); with Schafer, Andrew, eds.: Thrombosis and Hemorrhage (Williams & Wilkins)

Loury, Glenn C. (UNI professor, CAS professor of economics, and director of the Institute on Race and Social Division): The Anatomy of Racial Inequality (Harvard University Press)

Mann, Madalyn L. (SDM’76) (SDM associate professor and director, Extramural Programs), Gluck, George M., and Morganstein, Warren M., eds.: Jong’s Community Dental Health (Mosby)

Markson, Elizabeth W. (Associate director, Gerontology Center and CAS adjunct professor of sociology): Social Gerontology Today (Roxbury Publishing Co.)

Mellor, David (MET’02) (MET instructor), Chang, Dan, Poole, John, and Tolbert, Doug: Common Warehouse Metamodel: An Introduction to the Standard for Data Warehouse Integration and Common Warehouse Metamodel Developers Guide (Wiley)

Mendelsohn, Ezra (CAS professor of history): Painting a People: Maurycy Gottlieb and Jewish Art (Brandeis University Press)

Mizruchi, Susan (CAS professor of English): The Science of Sacrifice: American Literature and Modern Social Theory (Princeton University Press, Electronic Books)

Montano, Monty (MED assistant professor of medicine), Essex, Kanki, and Mboup, Tlou, et al.: AIDS in Africa, 2nd Edition (Lippincott)

Moore, Thomas J. (MED professor of medicine, endocrinology, diabetes and nutrition) et al.: The DASH Diet for Hypertension: Lower Your Blood Pressure in 14 Days -- Without Drugs (The Free Press)

Moyes, Norman B. (COM associate professor of journalism): American Combat Photography from the Civil War to the Gulf War (Metro Books)

Neville, Robert Cummings (STH professor of theology and dean and CAS professor of philosophy and religion): Religion in Late Modernity (State University of New York Press)

Nolan, Cathal J. (CAS associate professor of history and executive director, International History Institute): Greenwood Encyclopedia of International Relations, 4 Volumes (Greenwood)

Nugent, Matthew (MED associate professor of biochemistry): The Mystery of the Sinking Sand (CBI Press)

O’Rourke, Maureen (LAW professor of law and associate dean for administration), Cohen, Julie, Loren, Lydia, and Okediji, Ruth: Copyright in a Global Information Economy (Aspen Law & Business)

Payne, Bertram (MED professor of anatomy and neurobiology) with Peters, Alan (Waterhouse Professor of Anatomy and Neurobiology, MED), eds.: The CAT Primary Visual Cortex (Academic/Harcourt/Elsevier)

Pinsky, Robert (CAS professor of English and creative writing): Democracy, Culture and the Voice of Poetry (Princeton University Press); and Dietz, Maggie (GRS’97): Poems to Read (W. W. Norton)

Poister, Geoffrey (COM assistant professor of film and television): A Cross-Cultural Study of Family Photographs in India, China, Japan and the United States (Edwin Mellen Press)

Post, James E. (SMG professor of strategy and policy), Preston, Lee, and Sachs, Sybille: Redefining the Corporation: Stakeholder Management and Organizational Wealth (Stanford University Press)

Previato, Emma (CAS professor of mathematics), ed.: Dictionary of Applied Mathematics for Engineers and Scientists (CRC Press)

Primack, Richard B. (CAS professor of biology): Essentials of Conservation Biology, 3rd Edition (Sinauer Associates); and Ioja, C., Patroescu, M., and Rozylowicz, L.: Conservarea Diversitatii Biologice (Editura Technica, Romania); and Ros, J.: Introduction a la Biologica de la Conservacion (Ariel Ciencias, Spain); with Korzun, L. P., and Smurov, A. V., eds.: Osnovi sokhranenia bioraznoobrazia (NUMC Publishing House)

Redford, Bruce (UNI professor): Designing the “Life of Johnson”: The Lyell Lectures, 2001–2002 (Oxford University Press)

Reese, T. David (Director, Shields Tower) and Clamp, Christina: Faith-Based Community Economic Development: Principles and Practices (Federal Reserve Bank of Boston)

Ress, Laura (CAS Writing Program preceptor): Tender Consciousness: Sentimental Sensibility in the Emerging Artist -- Sterne, Yeats, Joyce, and Proust (Peter Lang)

Ricks, Christopher (William M. and Sara B. Warren Professor of the Humanities and codirector, Editorial Institute): Allusion to the Poets (Oxford University Press); ed.: Selected Poems of James Henry (Handsel Books); Reviewery (Handsel Books). Finalist, National Book Critics Circle Award.

Riquelme, John Paul (CAS professor of English), ed.: Dracula (by Bram Stoker): Complete Authoritative Text with Biographical, Historical, and Cultural Contexts, Critical History, and Essays from Contemporary Critical Perspectives (Bedford/St. Martin’s)

Robert, Dana L. (STH professor of instruction), ed.: Gospel Bearers, Gender Barriers: Missionary Women in the Twentieth Century (Orbis)

Romagnoli, G. Franco (MET adjunct professor of culinary arts): A Thousand Bells at Noon: A Roman’s Guide to the Secrets and Pleasures of His Native City (Steerforth Press)

Rosen, Stanley (Borden Parker Bowne Professor of Philosophy and UNI professor): The Elusiveness of the Ordinary (Yale University Press)

Rossell, Christine H. (CAS professor of political science) with Armor, David J., and Walberg, Herbert J., eds.: School Desegregation in the 21st Century (Praeger)

Rothman, Kenneth J. (SPH professor of epidemiology): Epidemiology: An Introduction (Oxford University Press)

Runnels, Curtis (CAS professor of archaeology): The Archaeology of Heinrich Schliemann: An Annotated Bibliographic Handlist (Archaeological Institute of America)

Schmidt, James (CAS professor of political science and history), ed.: Moses Mendelssohn: The First English Biography and Translations (Thoemmes Press)
Schmidt, Vivien (Jean Monnet Professor of European Integration): The Futures of European Capitalism (Oxford University Press)

Shapiro, Daniel (MED associate professor of medicine, pathology and laboratory medicine): Cases in Medical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases (American Society for Microbiology Press)

Shell, Ellen Ruppel (COM associate professor of journalism and codirector, Knight Center for Science and Medical Journalism): The Hungry Gene: The Science of Fat and the Future of Thin (Grove/Atlantic Monthly Press)

Siemon, James (CAS professor of English): Word Against Word: Shakespearean Utterance (University of Massachusetts Press)

Sloane, Ethan (CFA professor of music), ed.: Collected Chamber Music for Clarinet (Southern Music Company)

Soydan, Anne Sullivan (SAR’87,’99) (SAR assistant professor of rehabilitation sciences) with Furlong-Norman, Kathleen (SAR project director, resource information service, Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation), Mowbray, Carol T., and Strauch-Brown, Karen, eds.: Supported Education: Models and Methods (International Association of Psychosocial Rehabilitation Services)

Spaniol, LeRoy (SAR adjunct professor of rehabilitation counseling) and Pita, Diane Doyle: A Comprehensive Guide for Integrated Treatment of People with Co-Occurring Disorders (Boston University)

Spence, Harlan E. (CAS’83) (CAS associate professor and chairman of astronomy): Advances in Global Magnetospheric Structure, Dynamics, and Region Coupling (Pergamon Press, Elsevier Science Ltd.)

Stanley, H. Eugene (CAS professor of physics and director, Center for Polymer Studies) et al., eds.: Biological Systems Under Extreme Conditions: Structure and Function (Springer-Verlag); et al., eds.: New Kinds of Phase Transitions: Transformations in Disordered Substances (Proc. NATO Advanced Research Workshop, Volga River) (Kluwer); et al., eds.: Scaling and Disordered Systems: Workshop Honoring Antonio Coniglio on His 60th Birthday (Word-Scientific Publishers)

Steketee, Gail (SSW professor of social work) with Frost, Randy O., eds.: Cognitive Approaches to Obsessions and Compulsions: Theory, Assessment, and Treatment (Guilford)

Stern, Edward M. (LAW’72) (CAS assistant dean for prelaw advising) and Wilson, Gerald L.: Law School Lists, 2002-2003 Edition (Kaplan, Inc.)

Stoehr, Kevin L. (GRS’97) (CGS assistant professor of humanities and rhetoric) and Geoghegan, William D.: Jung’s Psychology as a Spiritual Practice and Way of Life (University Press of America); ed.: Film and Knowledge: Essays on the Integration of Images and Ideas (McFarland & Co.)

Stone, John (CAS professor of sociology) with Rutledge, Dennis, eds.: Race and Ethnicity: Comparative and Theoretical Approaches (Blackwell)

Strahler, Alan (CAS professor of geography) and Strahler, Arthur: Introducing Physical Geography, 3rd Edition (John Wiley & Sons)

Sullivan, John D. (MET assistant professor of administrative sciences): Managed Care (1st Books Library)

Swartz, Merlin (CAS professor of religion): A Medieval Critique of Anthropomorphism: Ibn al-Jawzi’s ‘Kitab Akhbar as-Sifat’ (E. J. Brill)

Teele, James (CAS professor of sociology), ed.: E. Franklin Frazier and Black Bourgeoisie (University of Missouri Press)

Tello, Richard (MED professor of radiology), Major, N., and Pitman, A.: Core Review of Radiology (Saunders)

Vaughn, Deborah (MED associate professor of medicine, anatomy and neurobiology): A Learning System in Histology (Oxford University Press)

Vogelsang, Ingo (CAS professor of economics): Die Zukunft der Entgeltregulierung im Deutschen Telekommunikationssektor (Verlag C. H. Beck); Koenig, C., Kühling, J., Loetz, S., and Newmann, A.: Funktionsfähiger Wettbewerb auf den Telekommunikationsmärkten (Verlag Recht und Wirtschaft); with Cave, Martin and Majumdar, Sumit, eds.: Handbook of Telecommunication Economics (North Holland/Elsevier)

Weitberg, Alan B. (MED professor of medicine), ed.: Cancer of the Lung: From Molecular Biology to Treatment Guidelines (Humana Press)

Whitaker, Albert Keith (CAS’93, GRS’93) (CAS visiting professor), ed.: Aristotle’s Nicomachean Ethics (Focus Press); ed.: Hegel’s Philosophy of Right (Focus Press)

White, Jenny B. (CAS associate professor of anthropology): Islamist Mobilization in Turkey: A Study in Vernacular Politics (University of Washington Press)

White, Merry Isaacs (CAS professor of anthropology): Perfectly Japanese: Making Family in an Era of Upheaval (University of California Press)

Widmaier, Eric P. (CAS professor of biology): The Stuff of Life: Profiles of the Molecules That Make Us Tick (Times Books/Henry Holt)

Wiesel, Elie (Hon.’74) (Andrew W. Mellon Professor in the Humanities and UNI professor): After the Darkness (Schocken Books); Le temps des déracinés (Seuil); The Judges (Alfred A. Knopf) Wolfteich, Claire E. (STH assistant professor of theology): Navigating New Terrain: Work and Women’s Spiritual Lives (Paulist Press)

Wyszynski, Diego F. (MED assistant professor of medicine, epidemiology), ed.: Cleft Lip and Palate: From Origin to Treatment (Oxford University Press)

Zagorsky, Jay (GRS’92) (SMG adjunct assistant professor): Business Information: Finding and Using Data in the Digital Age (McGraw-Hill)

Zank, Michael (CAS associate professor of religion): Leo Strauss: The Early Writings (1921–1932) (SUNY Press)

Zell, Michael (CAS associate professor of art history): Reframing Rembrandt: Jews and the Christian Image in Seventeenth-Century Amsterdam (University of California Press); with Chong, Alan, eds.: Rethinking Rembrandt (Waanders)


17 January 2003
Boston University
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