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Week of 10 January 2003· Vol. VI, No. 16

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Chelsea schools improving at required rate, says state DOE

SED Dean Douglas Sears, chairman of the BU Management Team that oversees the Chelsea public schools, and Chelsea Superintendent of Schools Irene Cornish. Photo by Fred Sway

By David J. Craig
Chelsea educators last month got a dramatic affirmation that their reforms are paying off: not one Chelsea school was on the list released by the Massachusetts Department of Education of 194 schools that did not adequately improve standardized test scores over the last two years.

New center for probing memory and the brain

Howard Eichenbaum, a UNI professor, a CAS professor of psychology, and director of BU’s Center for Memory and the Brain (from left), Denise Parisi, an administrator at the center, Mike Hasselmo, a CAS professor of psychology, and Chantal Stern, a CAS associate professor of psychology. Photo by Vernon Doucette

By Tim Stoddard
When George Bush the elder announced that the 1990s would be the Decade of the Brain, Boston University researchers had already been investigating that curious three-pound organ for many years.

Longevity researcher Thomas Perls: study proves growth hormone injections are harmful

Thomas Perls Photo by Gina DiGravio

By Brian Fitzgerald
Ponce de Leon searched in vain for the fountain of youth, and those today looking to extend their lives by taking human growth hormone (HGH) will discover little more than a fountain of misinformation, according to BU longevity researcher Thomas Perls.

SAR dean wants an exercise revolution for older Americans By David J. Craig

In search of essence:
The art of Hugh O’Donnell
By Brian Fitzgerald

Books of 2002

The new solar year dawns -- and the snow continues to pile up -- along Commonwealth Avenue. Photo by Jenny Ahlen
The new solar year dawns

BU’s Holiday Party The award-winning ice sculpture at the December 19 University Holiday Party, entitled “Peace,” was created by a team from ENG’s Science and Engineering Library, consisting of library technicians Rebecca Trevino, Scott St. Martin, Sarah Hutton, and Melissa Theroux. The theme of the party was Traditions Olde and New. Members of the winning team said the intent of their sculpture was to portray their hope that peace would span the world in the near future. Photo by Vernon Doucette
BU’s Holiday Party

Recipients of Martin Luther King, Jr., fellowships and the Whitney M. Young, Jr., fellowship, which were awarded in fall 2002, are (from left) Dominick Coleman (MED’06), Whitney Young Fellow Natoschia Scruggs (GRS’06), Shawnee Basden (GRS’07), Susan Moore (GRS’08), Maggie Khalil (SAR’03), and Michael Foster (ENG’04), who is standing next to Provost Dennis Berkey. The King fellowships, in memory of Martin Luther King, Jr. (GRS’55, Hon.’59), assist outstanding African-American students in their graduate studies by covering tuition costs and providing a stipend for living expenses. The Young fellowship is given to an entering or continuing African-American graduate student who has demonstrated academic proficiency in a field related to race relations or urban problems. The fellowship includes a full scholarship for a year, as well as a stipend for living expenses. Photo by Kalman Zabarsky
MLK Jr. Fellowship Recipients

Triple Helix piano trio: (clockwise from top) Bayla Keyes, violin; Rhonda Rider, cello; Lois Shapiro, piano. Photo by Rebecca Sher
Triple Helix honored


10 January 2003
Boston University
Office of University Relations