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Week of 1 November 2002 · Vol. VI, No. 10

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$2 million Lilly Endowment grant
STH to enlist Christian clergy to study urban ministries

Claire Wolfteich, an STH assistant professor of practical theology and spiritual formation, and Bryan Stone, the E. Stanley Jones Professor of Evangelism at STH, are directing a five-year study that will involve research conducted by 96 pastors from cities across the United States about the challenges faced by urban churches. Photo by Vernon Doucette

By David J. Craig
When most white working- and middle-class Americans fled cities to surburbia beginning in the 1950s, urban churches struggled to adapt to the changing demographics.

Docs and lawyers team up to safeguard kids’ health

Vicky Bennet (from left), FAP’s outreach coordinator, and staff attorneys Pamela Tames, Thuy Wagner, and Ellen Lawton, who directs the program. Photo courtesy of the Family Advocacy Program

By Tim Stoddard
Barry Zuckerman was so tired of sending asthmatic children home to apartments full of roaches and mold and of seeing babies who live in unheated homes return to his clinic again and again with lung ailments that he decided to do an undoctorly thing: he enlisted the help of lawyers.

The world made simple
CAS prof pens international relations encyclopedia solo

Cathal Nolan, a CAS associate professor of history and executive director of BU’s International History Institute, authored the four-volume Greenwood Encyclopedia of International Relations to “reclaim history” as the basis for understanding international relations. Photo by Vernon Doucette

By David J. Craig
Few students take an advanced degree in international relations without learning to throw around the term parsimonious theory. Cathal Nolan is sick of it.

Observations on obesity By Tim Stoddard

That thing they did
Rock reincarnation: Boston band the Remains has its new day
By Brian Fitzgerald

From their walls to yours: PRC auction does double duty By Brian Fitzgerald

Angina: a common symptom of coronary artery disease

Books of 2002

Fall behind means winter forward: the armillary sphere outside the College of Communication points to the bare trees and shorter daylight hours -- a sure sign that winter is on the way. Armillary spheres, skeletal celestial spheres originally with a model of the earth, and later the sun, placed in the center, were developed by the Greeks as teaching tools and observational instruments. The sphere is defined by three rings: the equator, the equinoctial colure (the band going around the sphere, at an angle to the equator), which represents the zodiac, and the solstitial colure (the line running through the middle of the band), which defines the path followed by the sun through the sky. Photo by Kalman Zabarsky
Winter Forward

Pucker up. In his debut as a Terrier goalie, Stephan Siwiec (CAS’06) made some great saves -- including the deflection shown (see the puck above the left corner of the net) -- to ensure a 6-4 win over the University of Nebraska on October 25 at Walter Brown Arena. Canadian Siwiec graduated from National Sport School in Calgary, a grade 9 to 12 school whose students must be recommended and receive sanction from an eligible Canadian Olympic sport governing body. Photo by Phoebe Sexton (UNI’06)
Pucker up

Distinguished 20th-century American novelist Mary Lee Settle spoke on her life and work at a BU Friends of the Libraries meeting on October 24. Her papers are in BU’s Special Collections, which is directed by Howard Gotlieb (left), and they reflect her varied career as an actress, model, fashion and arts editor, and journalist before she began writing novels. The author of 17 books, Settle is best known for the 5 novels that make up The Beulah Quintet, a saga that spans 300 years in the lives of three fictional West Virginia families. Photo by Allan E. Dines, Northstar Photography
American Novelist


1 November 2002
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