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Week of 12 April 2002 · Vol. V, No. 30

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New England drought
Dry winter puts wildlife and wildflowers at risk

By Tim Stoddard
The snowstorm that arrived on the first day of spring was what many hope will be an auspicious start to a soggy season. But even as April showers bring welcome rainfall to Boston, New England remains in one of the worst droughts on record.

Community Technology Fund positions spin-offs to reshape drug industry

By David J. Craig
About 10 years ago, David Farb had a hunch that a novel procedure he had fashioned in his BU laboratory to identify a compound involved in disorders of the central nervous system could "turn the drug-screening business upside down" if implemented on a large scale.

Qu'ils mangent de la brioche
Geddes Lecture and artifacts light up Sun King's Versailles

By Hope Green
In the 17th century, Louis XIV transformed his family's hunting lodge at Versailles into a massive royal estate ringed by spectacular gardens. His self-aggrandizement is legend: the first of many symbolic fountains that tourists see when they enter the complex is one designed to equate him with the Greek god Apollo -- a figure often associated with the sun god Helios.

Alt Wien in new boites
Die Fledermaus waltzes onto the main stage at BU Theatre
By Hope Green



12 April 2002
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