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Pianist Toma Popovici, 2001 Richmond Competition winner, performs on Tuesday, April 2, at the Tsai Performance Center
Week of 29 March 2002 · Vol. V, No. 28

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Top baroque orchestra and chorus now resident at CFA

By Hope Green
In a move that substantially raises the profile of BU's historical performance program, three-time Grammy Award nominee Boston Baroque, widely regarded as America's leading baroque orchestra and chorus, has become a resident professional ensemble at the College of Fine Arts.

Genetic roots of life-threatening disease target of MED faculty

By David J. Craig
For an incurable, life-threatening disease, scleroderma has a curiously low profile. About 150,000 Americans are afflicted with the painful, disfiguring autoimmune condition in which the body attacks itself with scar tissue, yet few people have even heard of it.

SED student ascends educational heights teaching mountaineering to orphans in Kyrgyzstan

By David J. Craig
Garth Willis is characteristically unpretentious when describing his love for hiking: "It's what I've always liked to do -- it's just fun."
As director of a mountaineering program for orphans in the former Soviet republic of Kyrgyzstan, however, Willis (SED'02) gives teens something more lasting than a good time: he gives them hope.

Doeringer: decline in manufacturing in Massachusetts no cause for alarm

By Brian Fitzgerald
It's no secret that manufacturing is in decline in Massachusetts, and has been for decades. Will the current recession sound the death knell for this once-strong work sector in the state? Peter Doeringer says no. In fact, the CAS economics professor argues that shedding some traditional manufacturing jobs is not necessarily a bad thing.

Former MED professor dies of complications from a fall

Tenacious Terriers frozen out by Maine Black Bears

The vision of a sightless composer
Blind Turkish student is musical pioneer in the realm of composition

By Hope Green

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29 March 2002
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