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Week of 25 January 2002 · Vol. V, No. 20

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Photonics Center's Hubbard wins a Black Engineer of the Year award

By David J. Craig
When James Hubbard talks to young African-American students considering a career in engineering, he offers the same advice once drilled into him: you can't do it alone. As an "angry young black man" studying at MIT in the 1970s, Hubbard says, he thought he could do just that. But somewhere on the road to becoming a prominent engineer, he smartened up.

SPH study: early drinking leads to alcohol-related acccidents in adulthood

By Brian Fitzgerald
It doesn't take a statistics genius to know that young people who drink have a higher risk of getting into drunk driving crashes than those who don't indulge in alcoholic beverages. A recent BU study, however, shows that the younger people are when they start drinking, the greater the probability that they will have alcohol-related accidents over the course of their adult lives.

Turning the tables on tobacco
Students adopt mass persuasion techniques to promote good health

By David J. Craig
U.S. tobacco companies spent $22.5 million a day promoting cigarettes in 1999, more than most states spent all year on antismoking efforts. Public health officials cannot hope to match the industry dollar-for-dollar in persuading young people to forgo the habit, but according to Michael Siegel, a School of Public Health associate professor of social and behavioral sciences, they don't have to.

France says merci beaucoup to alum who helped liberate country 55 years ago
By Brian Fitzgerald

Sounds abounding
ENG professor explores the neural connections that make hearing possible
By Taylor McNeil

From A-flat to Zimbabwe

A performance artist's inspiration -- 1000 points of sound from worldwide roots

By Hope Green


Brady's Bunch

A Great World House

Cardinal Bernard Law

Light of hope

Receding snowline

Songs to lift the spirit


25 January 2002
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