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Who let the dogs out? Show your Terrier ice hockey team spirit at Midnight Mania on Saturday, September 29, at Brown Arena

Vol. V No. 7   ·   28 September 2001 

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Brave new Internet world
SED trains faculty in high-tech teaching methods with federal grant

Next to a front-row seat at London's Globe Theatre, the best place to experience Shakespeare soon could be in a high school classroom.

Enhancing street smarts
Scholarship program caters to changing needs of public health workers

Striding toward inclusive health care
Boston Medical Center to hold fundraising walk, free health-care festival

On Saturday, October 13, more than 1,000 employees from Boston Medical Center and local organizations that support it will make a five-and-a-half mile hike through some of the neighborhoods that are most in need of the hospital's services.

SPH study shows minorities receive fewer invasive cardiac procedures

Idealism vs. realism
Historian Thomas Fleming to deliver Abraham S. Burack Lecture

Americans tend to think history happens to other people and on other continents, observes Thomas Fleming. Recent events on U.S. soil have changed that view for many of us. But Fleming has spent much of his career reminding people of history's universal impact.

Free test prep the product of grad student's enterprise

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Health Matters

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Men's soccer hopes for revival of last decade's success



Student Activity Fair

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28 September 2001
Boston University
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