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Vol. IV No. 32   ·   27 April 2001 

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The Source Guide: a new and improved way to help students choose courses

The Source Guide, a biannual publication that provides student evaluations of instructors and courses in many of BU's schools and colleges, "has improved significantly in recent years," says Herb Ross, associate vice president and associate dean of students.

Sabovik, Parisi, and Anderson picked for Perkins Awards

UNI seminar on modernity takes a critical look at social sciences

"Social scientists are considered society's public intellectuals," said University Professor Liah Greenfeld in a recent class. "They take the responsibility of telling us how to run our lives. They're used as advisors by those whom we elect in our government. They pronounce on issues of importance in the media. They claim and enjoy extraordinary authority -- for no good reason."

Newman House upgrade just one visible sign of LaMarche legacy

A taste for nostalgia
Hershey's advertising a model of consistency, says visiting COM alum

Competitors of Hershey Foods Corporation don't need to try to anticipate the company's next advertising strategy. Since Hershey began marketing its products nationally in 1969, its message has been as consistent as the chocolate recipe that made the Pennsylvania company the largest candy maker in the United States.

Health Matters

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Gridiron star girds for battle on operatic stage

Steppin' out

George O. Zimmerman

Members of the club

Starting artists

Tri-Service Presidential Pass-in-Review

Stormy courtship





27 April 2001
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