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BU Police Department's second annual Children's Fair on Saturday, April 28, with child safety demonstrations, face painting, live cartoon characters, and more

Vol. IV No. 31   ·   20 April 2001 

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Weathering heights
El-Baz: pyramids and the Sphinx were modeled after landforms

The pyramids of Egypt's Giza Plateau have always inspired awe and wonder. Who built them? How and why were they constructed?

ENG shares $5 million grant to develop communicating networked control systems

Boston University Trustees name DeWolfe chairman

The Trustees of Boston University have elected real estate executive Richard DeWolfe (MET'71) as chairman of the board. He succeeds Earle Cooley (LAW'57), who has been chairman since 1994. Cooley was elected chairman emeritus.

Symposium to explore anti-Nazi theologian's life and work

The main street of America
Route 66 revisited

Mention Route 66, and most people think of the 1960s television show of the same name and a southwestern highway littered with neon lights and gaudy, fiberglass mascots announcing garishly painted gas stations, diners, and motels.

Health Matters

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Promotions and Transfers

Trove of art objects donated to African Studies Center

The mane event

On the right, Debray

BU Athletic Department





23 April 2001
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