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Vol. IV No. 29   ·   6 April 2001 


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Why I'm running
Countdown to the 105th Boston Marathon -- Monday, April 16, 2001

I'm running the Boston Marathon because:

  • it's the marathon to run and -- except for the last couple of miles -- it's an exhilarating experience;
  • to raise money for the Arthritis Foundation; and
  • it's a good incentive to maintain fitness during the long, cold New England winter.

-- Rob Simms, associate professor, BU School of Medicine

CALLING ALL MARATHONERS -- The B.U. Bridge would like to know if you're planning to run in the 105th Boston Marathon this April -- and why. Are you running to fulfill a dream, to support a great cause, to honor the memory of a loved one, or to challenge yourself? Please send your name, your University affiliation, and the reason you're running to B.U. Bridge, 10 Lenox St., Brookline, MA, 02446 or e-mail to


6 April 2001
Boston University
Office of University Relations