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Vol. IV No. 20   ·   26 January 2001 

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Scowcroft is keynoter at conference on 10th anniversary of Gulf War

Ten years ago this winter, Americans were transfixed by television footage of Baghdad rumbling under a barrage of U.S.-led air strikes. A ground war shortly afterward drove Saddam Hussein's forces out of Kuwait, and President George Bush boasted of how coalition forces had successfully "drawn a line in the sand" on the Arabian Peninsula.

Salaries soar for new SMG graduates

AT&T 3 to televise Beanpot on Cablevision of Boston

It was a save and a beauty for AT&T 3 Broadband - there will be television coverage of the annual Beanpot Hockey Tournament this year.

Music manager
Songs from within connect Buildings and Grounds manager to a higher power

As a child enamored with music in Kingston, Jamaica, in the 1960s, Claude Steele was living in the cradle of reggae. But it was the U.S. and British pop music he heard on the radio, not Bob Marley's jam-prone Wailers, that most intrigued him.

Lights, camera, action, cut! BU presents the Redstone Film Festival

Boston University Books of 2000

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ARTS - Recalling the shots
Photographers see a new frontier in revisiting old techniques

It's just your typical dog-and-seal show





26 January 2001
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