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Vol. IV No. 3   ·   Week of 11 August 2000   

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Despite war, Ethiopia growing and on the cusp of democracy

The image of Ethiopia prevaent among many Westerners is of a famine and war-ravaged wasteland.

Bach in the Berkshires

Music's gifted young guardians find a haven at Tanglewood


ENG prof's invention could leave light bulbs in the dark ages

On June 25, security personnel in the Orlando airport made E. Fred Schubert open his bag so they could inspect a suspicious-looking object. Schubert was transporting a heavy, pointed piece of glass, and the officer working the X-ray machine had never seen anything like it on the monitor.

Negotiating the sky and trees

Walking on a rope suspended from trees 40 feet above the for-est floor while his hands pains- takingly grasped other ropes for guidance and balance provided Robert Salafia with quite a shock this summer.

Summer program puts high school students in the studio and spotlight

Itís an oppressively wet and muggy Wednesday, but a bunch of teenagers in a COM television studio have found a way to have fun with the weather.

SED's Ruth Shane honored for work in city schools


BUTI Student
A Tanglewood Institute student practices her flute

Torchbearers on the Charles
Torchbearers on the Charles

New England Dance Band
Rodney Miller's New England Dance Band

Raptor Watch
Raptor watch

Student Village
BU's new Student Village

Hail to the chef
Hail to the chef

Kayaking on the Charles
Kayaking on the Charles





11 August 2000
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