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Week of 28 January 2000

Vol. III, No. 21

Feature Article

Boston University Books of 1999

Here is our annual inventory of books published by BU faculty and staff members during the 1999 calendar year. In compiling these titles, we have tried to be comprehensive. If there are any omissions, please notify the BU Bridge, 10 Lenox St., Brookline, MA 02446; e-mail: bubridge@bu.edu.

Aarons, Jules (GRS'49) (Research Professor of Astronomy, CAS): Into the Streets: Photographs of Boston (Trustees of the Public Library of the City of Boston); Photographs of Paris, 1953-1968

Altschiller, Donald (Librarian, Mugar Memorial Library) Hate Crimes: A Reference Handbook (ABC-CLIO)

Annas, George J. (Professor and Chairman of Health Law, SPH) with Michael A. Grodin (Professor of Health Law and Director of Medical Ethics, SPH), Jonathan Mann, and Sofia Gruskin, eds.: Health and Human Rights: A Reader (Routledge)

Baram, Michael (Professor of Law, LAW, and Director, Center for Law and Technology): Saftey Management: The Challenge of Change (Pergamon)

Barbanel, Cheryl S. (Assistant Professor of Medicine, BUSM, and Director, Occupational Health Center) with R. J. McCunney, eds.: Medical Center Occupational Health and Safety (Lippincott, Williams & Wilkins)

Bard, Kathryn A. (Associate Professor of Archaeology, CAS): The Encyclopedia of the Archaeology of Ancient Egypt (Routledge)

Barlow, David H. (Professor of Psychology, CAS, and Director, Center for Anxiety and Related Disorders) and V. M. Durand: Abnormal Psychology: An Integrative Approach, 2nd Edition (Brooks/Cole); S. C. Hayes, and R. O. Nelson-Gray: The Scientist-Practitioner: Research and Accountability in the Age of Managed Care, 2nd Edition (Allyn and Bacon); Manual clinico dos transtornos Psicológicos (Artes Medicas Sul Ltda)

Becker, James M. (James Utley Professor and Chairman of Surgery, BUSM, and Surgeon-in-Chief, BMC), guest ed.: Problems in General Surgery, Inflammatory Bowel Disease (Lippincott, Williams & Wilkins)

Bethune, James D. (Associate Professor of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering, ENG): A Visual Introduction to AutoCAD and 3D Designing with Release 14 (Prentice-Hall, Inc.)

Blaszczyk, Regina Lee (Assistant Professor of History, CAS): Imagining Consumers: Design and Innovation from Wedgwood to Corning (Johns Hopkins University Press)

Blickman, Johan G. (Associate Professor of Radiology, BUSM): Pediatric Radiology: The Requisites (Mosby); and K. D. Ebel, et al.: Differential Diagnosis in Pediatric Radiology (Thieme Verlag)

Bodie, Zvi (Professor of Finance and Economics, SMG) and Robert C. Merton: Finance (Prentice Hall)

Bohlin, Karen E. (Assistant Professor, Curriculum and Teaching, SED, and Director, Center for the Advancement of Ethics and Character), Kevin Ryan (Professor Emeritus, SED), and Emily Neilson Jones: Teachers as Educators of Character: Are the Nation's Schools of Education Coming Up Short? (Character Education Partnership); and Kevin Ryan: Building Character in Schools: Practical Ways to Bring Moral Instruction to Life (Jossey-Bass)

Borinsky, Alicia (Professor of Modern Foreign Languages, CAS): Golpes Bajos (Corregidor)

Breiner, Lawrence (Associate Professor of English, CAS): An Introduction to West Indian Poetry (Cambridge University Press)

Busher, Peter E. (Associate Professor and Chairman of the Division of Science and Mathematics, CGS) and Ryszard M. Dzieciolowski: Beaver Protection, Management, and Utilization in Europe and North America (Kluwer Academic/Plenum)

Caldwell, D. W. (Associate Professor of Earth Sciences, CAS): The Roadside Geology of Maine (Mountain Press Publishing Co.)

Cantor, Charles R. (Professor of Biomedical Engineering, ENG, and Director, Center for Advanced Biotechnology) and Cassandra L. Smith (Professor of Biomedical Engineering, ENG): Genomics: The Science and Technology Behind the Human Genome Project (Wiley and Sons)

Carroll, William C. (Professor of English, CAS), ed.: Macbeth: Text and Contexts (Bedford/St. Martin's)

Cassandras, Christos G. (Professor of Manufacturing Engineering and Electrical and Computer Engineering, ENG) and Stephane Lafortune: Introduction to Discrete Event Systems (Kluwer Academic Publishers)

Cleveland, Cutler J. (Associate Professor of Geography, CAS, and Director, Center for Energy and Environmental Studies) with Robert Costanza and David I. Stern, eds.: The Nature of Economics and the Economics of Nature (Edward Elgar Publishing)

Colucci, Wilson S. (Professor of Medicine and Research Professor of Physiology, BUSM, and Chief of Cardiology, BMC), with E. Braunwald, eds.: Atlas of Heart Failure: Cardiac Function and Dysfunction (Blackwell)

Cooper, Russell (Professor and Associate Chairman of Economics, CAS): Coordination Games (Cambridge University Press)

D'Agostino, Ralph B. (Professor of Mathematics and Statistics, CAS) and David Savageau: Places Rated: Almanac (IDG Books Worldwide)

Delgado, Melvin (Professor of Social Work and Chairman of Macro Practice, SSW), ed.: Latino Elders and the Twenty-First Century: Issues and Challenges for Culturally Competent Research and Practice (Haworth Press)

Dell Orto, Arthur, E. (Professor and Chairman of Rehabilitation Counseling, SAR, and Associate Executive Director, Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation) with Robert P. Marinelli, eds.: The Psychological and Social Impact of Disability, 4th Edition (Springer)

Devaney, Robert L. (Professor of Mathematics, CAS) and Jonathan Choate: Chaos (Key Curriculum Press); The Mandelbrot and Julia Sets (Key Curriculum Press)

DiCocco, John (COM'81) (Publications Manager, SMG), ed.: The New England GolfGuide 2000 (New England GolfGuide)

Epstein, Leslie (Professor of English and Director, Creative Writing Program, CAS): Ice Fire Water: A Leib Goldkorn Cocktail (W. W. Norton & Co.)

Esposito, Stephen (Associate Professor of Classical Studies, CAS): Euripides' Bacchae: Translation, Introduction, and Notes (Focus Press)

Feldman, Robert G. (Professor of Neurology, Pharmacology, and Environmental Health, BUSM and SPH): Occupational and Environmental Neurotoxicity (Lippincott-Raven)

Fredriksen, Paula (Aurelio Professor of the Appreciation of Scripture, CAS) Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews (Knopf)

Fromkin, David (Professor of International Relations and History, CAS): The Way of the World: From the Dawn of Civilizations to the Eve of the 21st Century (Knopf); Kosovo Crossing: American Ideals Meet Reality on the Balkan Battlefields (Free Press)

Goldstein, Erik (Professor and Chairman of International Relations, CAS) and Igor Lukes (Associate Professor, UNI, and Associate Professor of International Relations and History, CAS), eds.: The Munich Crisis, 1938: Prelude to World War II (Frank Cass Publishers)

Gordon, Carol (SED'95) (Head, Educational Resources Library, Mugar Memorial Library) et al.: Effective Libraries in International Schools (John Catt)

Grasso, Joseph A., Jr. (Adjunct Professor, School of Law) and Christine M. McEvoy: Suppression Matters Under Massachusetts Law (Lexis Law Publishing)

Griswold, Charles (Professor and Chairman of Philosophy, CAS): Adam Smith and the Virtues of Enlightenment, Paperback Edition (Cambridge University Press)

Grossman, Frances K. (Professor of Psychology, CAS), A. B. Cook, S. S. Kepkep, and K. C. Koenen: With the Phoenix Rising: Lessons from Ten Resilient Women Who Overcame the Trauma of Childhood Sexual Abuse (Jossey Bass)

Haakonssen, Knud (Professor of Philosophy, CAS), ed.: The International Library of Critical Essays in the History of Philosophy: Grotius, Pufendorf and Modern Natural Law (Dartmouth Publishing Co.)

Hammond, Norman (Professor of Archaeology, CAS): Il Mistero dei Maya: Fascino e Segreti di Una Civiltá Perduta, 2nd Edition (CDE S.p.a.)

Hecht, Neil (Professor, LAW, and Director, Institute for Jewish Law): Selected Topics in Jewish Law, Volume 7: Unjust Enrichment (Open University); Jewish Law in Context, Volume 2: Authority, Process and Method: Studies in Jewish Law (Harwood Academic Publishers)

Henderson, Jeffrey (Professor of Classical Studies, CAS), trans.: Aristophanes, The Birds (Focus Press)

Hills, Patricia (Professor of Art History, CAS) and Teresa A. Carbone: Eastman Johnson: Painting America (Rizzoli International)

Hintikka, Jaakko (Professor of Philosophy, CAS): Inquiry As Inquiry: A Logic of Scientific Discovery (Kluwer Academic Publishers)

Honig, Lucy (Assistant Professor of International Health, SPH): The Truly Needy and Other Stories (University of Pittsburgh Press)

Horenstein, Mark N. (Associate Professor of Electrical and Computing Engineering and Associate Dean, ENG): Design Concepts for Engineers (Engineering/Science/Mathematics)

Hulnick, Arthur S. (Lecturer in International Relations, CAS): Fixing the Spy Machine: Preparing American Intelligence for the 21st Century (Praeger)

The Humphrey Fellows: The World Family Cookbook (Andover Green Book Publishers)

Jankowski-Smith, Michele (GRS'95) (Director, Office of the Chaplain); with Robert Cording and E. J. Miller Laino, eds.: In My Life: Encounters with the Beatles (Fromm International Publishing)

Johnson, Arthur (Visiting Assistant Professor, Curriculum and Teaching, SED): Famous Problems and Their Mathematicians (Teacher Ideas Press)

Jordan, Merle (Professor Emeritus of Pastoral Psychology, STH): Reclaming Your Story: Family History and Spiritual Growth (Westminster/John Knox); with Oliver Morgan, eds.: Addiction and Spirituality: A Multidisciplinary Approach (Chalice Press)

Kanamori, Akihiro (Professor of Mathematics, CAS): The Higher Infinite, Japanese Translation (Springer)

Keaney, John F., Jr. (Associate Professor of Medicine, Pharmacology, and Experimental Therapeutics, BUSM, and Associate Chief of Cardiology, BMC): Oxidative Stress in Vascular Disease (Kluwer)

Kee, Howard C. (William Goodwin Aurelio Professor of Biblical Studies Emeritus, CAS), ed.: The Evolution of the Synagogue: Problems and Progress (Trinity Press International)

Kohn, Livia (Professor of Religion, CAS): God of the Dao: Lord Lao in History and Myth (University of Michigan Center for Chinese Studies)

Kotlikoff, Laurence J. (Professor of Economics, CAS) with Alan Auerbach and Willi Leibfritz, eds.: Generational Accounting Around the World (University of Chicago Press)

Lawrence, Frederick M. (Professor of Law, LAW): Punishing Hate: Bias Crimes Under American Law (Harvard University Press)

Leslie, Alfred (Visiting Professor of Painting, SFA): The Hasty Papers (Host Publications)

Levy, Charles (Professor of Biology, CAS): Evolutionary Wars: A Three-Billion-Year Arms Race (W. H. Freeman and Company)

Lindberg, Carter (Professor, STH): The European Reformations Sourcebook (Blackwell)

Lindholm, Charles (University Professor, UNI, and Professor of Anthropology, CAS) and John A. Hall: Is America Breaking Apart? (Princeton University Press)

Lucas, Robert E. B. (Professor of Economics, CAS) and Donald Verry: Restructuring the Malaysian Economy: Development and Human Resources (Macmillan Press)

Makechnie, George K. (SED'29, '31, Hon.'79) (Dean Emeritus, SAR): Fourscore Years and Twelve at Home and Boston University (Trustees of Boston University)

Markson, Elizabeth W. (Professor of Sociomedical Sciences and Community Medicine, BUSM, and Associate Director, Gerontology Center) with Lisa Hollis-Sawyer, ed.: Aging in the 21st Century: Issues and Inequalities in Social Gerontology (Roxbury Publishing Co.)

McCann, James C. (Professor of History, CAS, and Director, African Studies Center): Green Land, Brown Land, Black Land: An Environmental History of Africa (Heinemann and James Currey)

Mehlman, Jeffrey (Professor of Modern Foreign Languages and Literatures, CAS, and Professor, UNI) with Denis Hollier, eds.: Literary Debate: Texts and Contexts (New Press)

Monti, Daniel J. (Associate Professor of Sociology, CAS): The American City: A Social and Cultural History (Blackwell Publishers)

Mookherjee, Dilip (Professor of Economics, CAS) and Arindam Das-Gupta: Incentives and Institutional Reform in Tax Enforcement: An Analysis of Developing Country Experience (Oxford University Press)

Nesathurai, Shanker (Assistant Professor and Chairman ad interim of Rehabilitative Medicine, BUSM), ed.: Rehabilitation of People with Spinal Cord Injury (Arbuckle Academic Publishers)

Neville, Robert Cummings (Professor and Dean, STH): The God Who Beckons: Theology in the Form of Sermons (Abingdon Press)

Norton, Augustus Richard (Professor of Anthropology and International Relations, CAS), ed.: Security in the Middle East: New Directions (The Palestinian Council on Foreign Relations)

Orlow, Dietrich (Professor of History, CAS): Common Destiny: A Comparative History of the Dutch, French, and German Social Democratic Parties, 1945-1969 (Berghahn Books)

Paine, Lisa (Professor and Chairman of Maternal and Child Health, SPH): Health and Welfare for Families in the 21st Century (Jones and Bartlett)

Peters, Alan (Waterhouse Professor and Chairman Emeritus of Anatomy and Neurobiology, BUSM) with P. S. Ulinski and E. G. Jones, eds.: Models of Cerebral Cortex (Kluwer); with J. H. Morrison, eds.: Neurogenerative and Age-Related Changes in Structure and Function (Kluwer Academic/Plenum Press)

Phillips, Tania (Professor of Dermatology, BUSM) with V. Falanga, R. Moy, K. G. Harding, and L. Veerson, eds.: Text Atlas of Wound Management (Martin Dunitz Publishers)

Pinsky, Robert (Professor of English, CAS) with Maggie Dietz (Director, Favorite Poem Project, CAS), eds.: Americans' Favorite Poems (W. W. Norton and Co.); The Sounds of Poetry (Farrar, Straus and Giroux); The Handbook of Heartbreak (William Morrow and Co.)

Reaske, Christopher R. (Vice President, Development and Alumni Relations): The Compleat Clammer, Revised and Updated Edition (Burford Books); The Compleat Crab & Lobster Book, Revised and Updated Edition (Burford Books)

Ricks, Christopher (Professor of English, CAS), ed.: The Oxford Book of English Verse (Oxford University Press)

Robertson, Cheryl (Lecturer in American Studies, CAS): Frank Lloyd Wright and George Mann Niedecken: Prairie School Collaborators (Milwaukee Art Museum and Museum of Our National Heritage)

Rouner, Leroy S. (Professor of Philosophy, Religion, and Philosophical Theology, CAS, and Director, Institute for Philosophy and Religion), ed.: Religion, Politics and Peace (University of Notre Dame Press)

Samuelson, William (Professor and Chairman of Finance and Economics, SMG) and Stephen Marks: Managerial Economics, 3rd Edition (Dryden Press)

Schoch, Robert M. (Associate Professor of Science and Mathematics, CGS) and Robert A. McNally: Voices of the Rocks: A Scientist Looks at Catastrophes and Ancient Civilizations (Crown Publishing Group/Random House)

Shattuck, Roger (Professor Emeritus, UNI): Candor and Perversion (W. W. Norton & Co.)

Sheldon, Sayre (GRS'61) (Lecturer, MET), ed.: Her War Story: Twentieth Century Women Write About War (Southern Illinois University Press)

Sichel, Kim (Assistant Professor of Art History and Director of Museum Studies, CAS) Germaine Krull: Photographer of Modernity (MIT Press and Schirmer/Mosel Verlag)

Silliman, Rebecca A. (Associate Professor of Medicine, BUSM) with J. J. Gallo, J. Busby-Whitehead, P. V. Rabins, and J. B. Murphy, eds.: Reichel's Care of the Elderly: Clinical Aspect of Aging (Williams & Wilkins)

Siroky, Mike B. (Professor of Urology, BUSM), R. Edestein, and R. J. Krane: Manual of Urologic Diagnosis and Therapy (Williams & Wilkins)

Stanley, H. Eugene (Professor of Physics, CAS, and Director, Center for Polymer Studies) and R. N. Mantegna: Introduction to Econophysics: Correlations and Complexity in Finance (Cambridge University Press); with A. Gadomski, J. Kertesz, and N. Vanderwalle, eds.: Application of Statistical Physics: Proc. NATO Advanced Research Workshop, Budapest (Elsevier)

Stubblefield, Phillip G. (Professor and Chairman of Obstetrics and Gynecology, BUSM), Lynn Borgatta (Clinical Associate Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology, BUSM), M. P. Paul, E. S. Lichtenberg, and D. A. Grimes: A Clinician's Guide to Medical and Surgical Abortion (Churchill Livingston, Inc.)

Sullivan, Megan (Assistant Professor of Humanities and Rhetoric, CGS): Women in Northern Ireland: Cultural Studies and Material Conditions (University Press of Florida)

Tauber, Alfred I. (Professor of Medicine, BUSM, Professor of Philosophy, CAS, and Director, Center for Philosophy and History of Science): Confessions of a Medicine Man: An Essay in Popular Philosophy (MIT Press)

ten Grotenhuis, Elizabeth (Associate Professor of Art History, CAS): Japanese Mandalas: Representations of Sacred Geography (University of Hawai'i Press)

Trozzi, Maria (Assistant Professor of Pediatrics, BUSM, and Director, Good Grief Program) with Kathy Massimini: Talking with Children About Loss: Words, Strategies, and Wisdom to Help Children Cope with Death, Divorce, and Other Difficult Times (Penguin Putnam, Inc.)

Vance, William (Professor of English, CAS), ed.: Henry James: Complete Stories 1834-1884 (Library of America)

Walsh, Michael (Professor of Journalism, COM and Visiting Fellow, UNI): As Time Goes By, Paperback Edition (Warner Books)

Weil, David (Associate Professor of Economics, SMG), Frederick Abernathy, John T. Dunlop, and Janice Hammond: A Stitch in Time: Lean Retailing and the Transformation of Manufacturing -- Lessons from the Apparel and Textile Industries (Oxford University Press)

Weller, Robert P. (Associate Professor of Anthropology, CAS): Alternate Civilities: Chinese Culture and the Prospects for Democracy (Westview Press)

Wiesel, Elie (University Professor, UNI): King Solomon and His Magic Ring (Greenwillow Books); Memoirs II: And the Sea Is Never Full, English Translation (Knopf); Les Juges (Editions du Seuil)

Winn, James (Professor and Chairman of English, CAS): The Pale of Words: Reflections on the Humanities and Performance (Yale University Press)

Zimansky, Paul (Associate Professor of Archaeology, CAS): Ancient Ararat: A Handbook of Urartian Studies (Caravan Books); and Elizabeth C. Stone: The Iron Age Settlement at ëAin Dara, Syria: Survey and Soundings (British Archaeological Reports)