Seminar Calendar

The biogeoscience seminar series provides a forum for student, postdoc, and faculty interaction, to highlight BU research, and to provide a venue for high profile speakers from outside of Boston University. Each seminar is followed by a reception.

All seminars are held on Mondays 3:30-4:30 pm in CAS 132.

Fall 2017:

September 18: Elizabeth BurakowskiUniversity of New Hampshire
“Contribution of albedo, evaporative cooling, and surface roughness to surface climate: A New England case study”
Host: Mike Dietze

October 2: Anthony ChappazCentral Michigan University
“Determining molybdenum speciation in modern and ancient aquatic systems: Advancing the paleo redox-proxy”
Host: Diane Thompson

October 16: Steve Pacala, Princeton University
“Modeling the future of the land carbon sink”
Host: Graduate Students and Postdocs

October 23: John Albertson, Cornell University
“Land-atmosphere interaction: from greenhouse gas emissions in energy production to climate impacts on water resources”
Host: Dan Li

November 13: David Butman, University of Washington
“Reconciling the terrestrial and aquatic carbon cycles: fundamental gaps still remain”
Host: Cedric Fichot     

November 20: Heidi Nepf, MIT
“How vegetation alters water motion and the feedbacks to environmental system structure and function”
Host: Dan Li

December 4: Orencio Duran Vinent, Virginia Institute of Marine Sciences
“Vegetation and the stability of coastal ecosystems”
Host: Sergio Fagherazzi


Spring 2018:

January 29: Nick Haddad, NC State University
“Degrading effects of habitat fragmentation on ecological systems”
Host: Lucy Hutyra

February 12: John Mustard, Brown University
“Alteration history of Mars and implications for water reservoirs”
Host: Mark Friedl

February 26: Mathew Barlow, UMass Lowell
“The large-scale dynamics of storms that cause extreme precipitation and storm surge in New England”
Host: Bruce Anderson

March 12: Marco Keiluweit, Umass Amherst
“Manganese cycling as a hidden driver of litter decomposition and carbon storage in forest soil ecosystems”
Host: Jennifer Talbot

March 26: Jennifer Biddle, University of Delaware
“Sequencing the subsurface: what nucleic acids can tell us about life underground”
Host: Wally Fulweiler

April 9: Qi Li, Columbia University
“Modeling trees in cities: Challenges and applications”
Host: Dan Li

April 23: Lars Hedin, Princeton University
“Building the biosphere: Reconciling evolution and ecosystems in an ever-changing world”
Host: Adrien Finzi


Image: Harvard Forest; Rose Abramoff.