Seminars & Calendar

The biogeoscience seminar series provides a forum for student and faculty interaction, to highlight student and faculty research, and to provide a venue for high profile speakers from outside of Boston University.

Fall 2014

The schedule for Fall 2014 is set – please mark your calendars!  All events are held on Wednesdays 3-4pm in 4th floor lounge of CAS unless otherwise noted.  Please check back for updates!

September 3: Graduate student and postdoc meeting with Pam Templer

September 10: Meet-N-Greet (Introduce new faculty, postdocs and students)

September 17: Biogeoscience Faculty Meeting, Location TBA

September 24: Biogeoscience Journal Club

October 1: Seminar: Adrien Finzi

October 8: Biogeoscience Journal Club

October 15: Seminar: Jim Clark

October 22: Biogeoscience Journal Club

October 29: NO MEETING

November 5: Seminar: Bruce Anderson

November 12: Biogeoscience Journal Club

November 12: Biogeoscience Faculty Meeting, Location TBA

November 19: Seminar: Elizabeth Wolkovich

November 26: Fall Recess

December 3: Seminar: Ian Sue Wing

December 10: Biogeoscience Journal Club


Spring 2014

We have started the process of organizing the Spring seminar series in biogeoscience.  Please mark your calendars for our upcoming seminars

January 29: Yufei He (University of Virginia), Feedback between shrub encroachment and local climate in the Southwestern US : host Guido Salvucci

February 6: Mike Ryan (Colorado State University): host Lucy Hutyra

March 19: Autumn Oczkowski (EPA): host Wally Fulweiler

March 26: Oliver Sonnentag (Université de Montréal): host Mark Friedl

April 2: Oliver Chadwick (UC Santa Barabara): host Andy Kurtz

April 16: Edward Cunningham (Boston University)

April 23: Peter Raymond (Yale University): host Adrien Finzi

April 30: Brady Hardiman (Boston University): host Adrien Finzi


Image: Harvard Forest; Rose Abramoff.