Boston University

Carol Neidle, Professor of Linguistics and Director of the ASL Linguistic Research Project

Stan Sclaroff, Professor and Chair of Computer Science, Image and Video Computing Group


Iryna Zhuravlova, developing SignStream™ 3, a Java reimplementation

Graduate students


Other participants

  CUNY (Queens College)

Matt Huenerfauth, Assistant Professor of Computer Science


  Gallaudet University

Benjamin Bahan, Professor of ASL and Deaf Studies

Christian Vogler, Associate Professor and Director, Technology Access Program


  Rutgers University

Dimitris Metaxas, Distinguished Professor of Computer Science, and Director of the Computational Biomedicine, Imaging, and Modeling Center


  University of Texas at Arlington

Vassilis Athitsos, Assistant Professor, Computer Science and Engineering



Robert G. Lee, Jack Hoza, Ben Bahan, Carol Neidle, and Dawn MacLaughlin


carlo geraci

Carlo Geraci loads up for the 2005 North East Lobster Society (NELS) meeting.


brady     full house

Brady Painter and Donna Riggle (left); Joan Nash, Kelly Kim, Donna Riggle,
Brady Painter, Alix Kraminitz,
and Iryna Zhuravlova (right); August 2011


Iryna Zhuravlova, Joan Nash, Donna Riggle, Jessica Scott, and Brady Painter, August 2011