SignStream transcriptions of data


The goal of the project is to release a portion of the video data collected in the facility along with detailed transcriptions of those data facilitated by the use of the SignStream program.

SignStream version 2 (a Mac OS application distributed on a non-profit basis), released in December 2000, supports display of multiple video windows along with the temporally aligned linguistic annotations.

SignStream databases containing annotations associated with the digital video files can be downloaded for use in conjunction with the SignStream application. In addition, the information from those SignStream databases is available in a text export format (see the SignStream User's Guide Appendix for an explanation of that format). The conventions used for annotation are documented here.

There is a large quantity of data currently in the process of being annotated. As soon as these data are ready for distribution, they will be available from this site. For information about data available now and data in preparation, click here.