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Forthcoming issue: No. 7, 2015-16. Last published issue:

No. 6, 2013-14
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Letter from the Editors

On the Absurd: Albert Camus’s Philosophy and Preference Utilitarian Ethics
B. Charles Conover, Saint Louis University

Epistemic Closure, Ordinary Assertions, and Skeptical Hypotheses
Christopher Klerkx, Michigan State University

Understanding Obligation in Scanlon’s Contractualism
Nathan Kellen, University of Minnesota

A Modified Account of Peirce’s A Priori and Scientific Modes of Inquiry
Thomas Dabay, Stevens Institute of Technology

The Nature of Thomas Reid’s First Principles
Sabeen Ahmed, University of Virginia

Feature: A survey on the gender of the editors of undergraduate philosophy journals

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Issue editors: Eli Bucsko and Rania Ezzo. Senior Editors: Kelly Kearney and Will Seltzer. Associate Editors: Sahar Habib and Alexandros Frixos Letsas. Proofreader: Madeline Aruffo. Reviewers: Isaac Goldman, Yi Wu, Arka Pain, Nami Shin, Gabriela Kashtelian, Joshua Niland, and Zulaikha Hasan. Managing Editor: Zachary Bos. Faculty Advistor: Professor Walter Hopp.

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