How It Can Be Spent (AB Policies)

AB tries its best to allocate funds appropriately and fairly. AB has a strict policy on what is and is not eligible for funding. Student groups are often denied funding because what they are requesting for is not eligible for AB funds. We strongly encourage student groups to carefully look at the list of ineligible items below before creating a Semester Budget Request.

Items ineligible for AB funds include:

1. Improper use of the CSF: Events that are not open to the entire undergraduate population.
Note: Exceptions can be made for competitions or other competitive events.
2. Items deemed to be nonessential for the event to take place.
3. Anything ineligible under the Student Activities Office and BU policy.
4. Funding payments towards instructors for classes.
5. Payments towards religious figures to perform and conduct religious services.
6. Food* unless clearly stated in the form that the food will be educational and unique for the
7. Anything for the Exclusive Benefit of Organization Members* (e.g. t-shirts and sometimes
conference registration)
8. Bu Faculty Honoraria
9. Prizes (including trophies, raffle prizes)
10. Items for General Club Operations i.e. Office Supplies
11. Certificates or Membership Cards
12. National Dues
13. Application Fees
14. Splash Items
15. Items sold directly to BU students
16. Money going directly to charity

***For more information about what is eligible, please take a moment to look at our Handbook.

***Allocations Board is entitled 2 complementary tickets to AB funded events to ensure that the funding is being spent appropriately.

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