Q: Where and when do I check to see how much my group was funded?

A: Funding decisions can be found on Org Sync under the treasury tab. If you click on more, you will find the treasury tab, and from there, you can click on manage budgets and here you will find our funding decisions for the events you requested funds for. We try to meet as soon as possible after the funding deadline but it will still take several weeks for our funding decisions to be posted on Org Sync. 

Q: What are some items that are typically not funded by the Community Service Fee?


  • Food unless your group explains how the food is unique/cultural and educational 

  • BU Faculty Honoraria

  • Decorations

  • Money going directly to charity

  • Anything of Exclusive benefit to your group (i.e. T-shirts, Pizza Parties)

  • Things that are being sold to the BU community

  • Splash items

Q: How will I know when Semester Budget Requests are due?

A: Every student group has an AB adviser that will email you with all deadlines and relevant information throughout the academic year to keep you informed of anything you need to know to request funds from AB. Usually, semester budget requests will be due during the last month or so of the semester. 

Q: How do I join the Allocations Board?

A: Come to one of our meetings!! During the introductions in the beginning, or after the presentations, come up to the board and say that you want to be a prospective member. Membership is rolling and always open! If you can’t make it to one of our meetings, you can stop by one of our member’s office hours!

Q: My group wants to have food at our event. Is this something that AB funds?

A: Our policy states that we will consider funding food if it provides a unique and educational component relevant to your group’s event. We will further consider funding if the food supplements religious or cultural aspects of your group’s mission.

Q: How can I get in touch with the Allocations Board?

A: Meetings are held every Monday, or on days with a Monday schedule, in room CAS 132 at 8 p.m. for the Fall 2017 semester. Anyone is welcome to attend! There are also Office Hours held by board members every weekday in the Student Activities Office.

Q: I do not agree with the amount we were allocated. Is there a way for me to explain why we are looking for more funding?

A: Of course! We are more than happy to listen to reasons that may not have been fully illustrated in the requests. Feel free to come to one of our Monday night meetings to more fully explain why your group wants more funding. However, we no longer have an appeals process. But we could still help you find ways to help you get the funds you need!

Q: What is the Special Initiative Program and how can I submit a Special Initiative Request?

A: The Special Initiative Program debuted last year, and this program allows student groups to submit funding requests during the academic year for events that were unforeseeable when semester budget requests were submitted. You submit a Special Initiative Request the same way you submit a semester budget request except we ask that you label the request a Special Initiative Request and explain why it qualifies for the Special Initiative program.

Q: Do you fund travel?

A: As of Summer 2016, AB no longer funds transportation of any kind. Please do not request AB funds for transportation because we can no longer allocate funds for those requests.

Q: Who can we speak to if we have any questions during the funding request process? 

A: You can contact your AB adviser if you have any questions while going through the funding process. They will be to answer your question the fastest, and they will regularly communicate with you during the academic year. If they can’t answer your question, feel free to stop by one of our Monday night meetings or email us at allocate@bu.edu.

*Please keep in mind, that we are responsible for allocating the Community Service Fee to over 500 student groups and countless programs each year, and we allocate on an event-by-event basis.

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