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Several programs have been developed in the Tolan Laboratory:

A Virtual Northern Blot (VNB) program for obtaining on-the-fly expression profiles for any gene of interest. This program is both qualitatively and quantitatively accurate. The as long as the expression levels are above 0.1%, this program can give you an accrate expresson profile for either mouse of human. The program can be accessed on line and the results are returned to the user via email.

There is SUPPLEMENTARY MATERIAL for the publication that appears in Gene Expression (2010). This material provides more detailed information about VNB and how it works.

A ProbeSeeker Program for finding sets of primers for quantitative RT-PCR that are gene specific. This is useful if there are a number of closely related members of a gene family. The primers are assessed for internal and pairwise compatibility similar to the analyses done with other oligo-design programs.



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