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Cover of AGNI 57

AGNI 57 Table of Contents (2003)

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New Editor Sven Birkerts’s first issue. Includes work by Seamus Heaney, Maureen Howard, David Foster Wallace, Rosanna Warren, Rick Moody, Margot Livesey, Wesley McNair, Christopher Jane Corkery, Wolfgang Hilbig, David Wagoner, Maggie Dietz, Debora Greger, Nicholas Montemarano, Lise Haines, Lance Larsen, Harvey Blume, and many more. Pinhole photographs (including cover) by Jesseca Ferguson.


Author Title
Hilbig, Wolfgang The Abandoned Factory (translated from the German by Isabel Fargo Cole)
Moody, Rick Five Stories
Wallace, David Foster The Soul Is Not a Smithy
Haines, Lise Stolen Photo
West, Paul To Go
Montemarano, Nicholas The Usual Human Disabilities


Author Title
McNair, Wesley The 1950s
Dietz, Maggie Altos de Chavon
Logan, William Austerlitz
Corkery, Christopher Jane Beautiful Treasure
Hoagland, Tony The Change
Wagoner, David Eating a Toad
Chiasson, Dan The Elephant, from Natural History
Warren, Rosanna For Trakl
Rail, Evan Frogs
deNiord, Chard From the Beginning On
Sandy, Stephen Fucked
Virgil from Georgic III (lines 71-122) (translated from the Latin by David Ferry)
Green, Melissa I Have Shuttered My Eyes with My Hands
McNair, Wesley If You Had Come
Collier, Michael Invocation to the Heart
Gewanter, David Jacopone: On the Cobbles
Gewanter, David Jacopone: The Scissors
Shapiro, Alan Lament
Green, Melissa Leaving the Farm
Greger, Debora Letter over a Thousand Years Late
Heaney, Seamus Linked Verses
Sleigh, Tom Monologue from Rubber
Greger, Debora Nagasaki, 1600
Cooper, Wyn No One Knows What Tomorrow Is Called
Heaney, Seamus Nonce Words
Heaney, Seamus Pit Stop near Castletown
Logan, William The Point Beach
Shapiro, Alan Premonition
Corkery, Christopher Jane A Scrap of Fabric at Chatham
Winckel, Nance Van Slate
Swenson, Susan Static
Sandy, Stephen Stillness
Larsen, Lance Sub Rosa
Kinsella, John Survey
Lehman, David Triplets
Bensen, Robert Two Dancers
Logan, William Welcome to Paradise
Larsen, Lance Widows I Have Known
Peseroff, Joyce Zeno’s Paradox, or My Mother’s Forsythia


Author Title
Norman, Howard Carousel Horse
Pickering, Sam Early April
Livesey, Margot Eyeless, Headless
Ferguson, Jesseca Introduction to the Art Feature
Shrayer, Maxim D. Lorca
Scialabba, George Message from Room 101
Birkerts, Sven On Becoming an Editor
Frick, Thomas The Picture House
Howard, Maureen Vernissage
Blume, Harvey WB on the Treadmill
Benfey, Christopher With How Sad Steps, O Moon

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