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Peter Klappert

Peter Klappert (author page at Amazon) teaches in the MFA Program at George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia. His AGNI poem “Satan Who Is Most Noisy When He Whispers” is the concluding poem in his book-length collection The Idiot Princess of the Last Dynasty, which was scheduled to be published by Knopf in January 1981 “and may yet appear. ‘Oh it’s a grand bad story . . .’” Portions of the book appeared in AGNI 9 with an essay on the manuscript by Martha Collins, as well as in AGNI 10/11 and 12. Klappert recently completed a chapbook-length poem in the form of a film script, ‘52 Pick-Up: Scenes from the Conspiracy (A Documentary). (1981)

AGNI has published the following work by Peter Klappert:

Boy Walking Back to Find His Father’s Cattle
The Cat Lover
Dr. O and the New U
Enrichissez Vous
from The Idiot Princess of the Last Dynasty: Patati et Patata, The Subjects of Discontent (I), (II), and (III), Infectious Scotoma
Low Sunday
Satan Who Is Most Noisy When He Whispers
Satan Who is Most Noisy When He Whispers

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