ENG ME 781

This course will explore the structure property relationships and phenomena in ceramic materials used in electronic, dielectric, ferroelectric, magnetic, and electrochemical applications. In particular we will discover how to functionalize a component for a particular application - a capacitor, a thermistor, actuator, or a fuel cell. Such a discovery process demands an in- depth understanding of the roles and interrelationships between the crystal structure, defect chemistry, microstructure, and texture in such materials. Statistical thermodynamics, quantum mechanics, and solid mechanics principles will be used as and when necessary in the course. The course is intended to fit in the space and act as a bridge between solid state theory where the emphasis is largely on theory and a ceramic materials course where the emphasis is largely on processing.

FALL 2017 Schedule

Section Instructor Location Schedule Notes
A1 Gopalan COM 217 MW 12:20 pm-2:05 pm Mts w/ENG MS781

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