Anti-Fascism & Resistance - Max Ascoli Symposium: The History of Italian Exile and Anti-Fascism

Join us as our panel of experts considers how the influence of Fascism, anti-Fascist resistance movements and anti-Semitism shaped Italian and Italian-American 20th century history. Respondents will explore these issues in their historical context, and consider how their legacy may inform present-day world affairs. Come enjoy a reception and an exhibition of papers from prominent 20th century Italian activists including Max Ascoli, Danilo Dolci, and Oriana Fallaci. Featuring introductory remarks by Nicola de Santis, Console Generale d'Italia a Boston.

Speaker(s): Nicola de Santis, Prof. Marcella Bencivenni (CUNY), Prof. Renato Camurri (University of Verona, Italy), Prof. Nancy Harrowitz (BU), Prof. Charles Maier (Harvard University)
Tuesday, Apr 25, 2017 at 5:00pm
George Sherman Union, 775 Commonwealth Ave. (Metcalf Ballroom)
Open to General Public
Admission is free
Howard Gotlieb Archival Research Center
Kate Stringer
(617) 353-3696
Boston University