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Viral vectors designed to transfer genes into stem cells are essential tools for stem cell researchers. The Vector Core of the CReM maintains a bank of viral vectors, plasmids, and ‘standard operating protocols’ available to all investigators at Boston University. Although some stem cells are notoriously difficult to genetically manipulate without adversely affecting their pluripotency, members of our Core have published methods for lentiviral-based gene transfer into stem cells while maintaining stem cell pluripotency. The biology of some stem cell populations, for example their quiescence, can make them exceptionally resistant to gene transfer techniques, however, the lentiviral vectors housed in the core, when used with the specialized methods developed by Core investigators, allows highly efficient gene transfer into a wide variety of stem cell populations, including hematopoietic stem cells, mesenchymal stem cells, ES cells and iPS cells.

A popularly requested tool housed in the CReM’s Vector Core is the lentiviral ‘stem cell cassette’ (STEMCCA), a single vector that simultaneously transfers 4 ‘reprogramming genes’ into somatic cells in order to derive pluripotent cells, called iPS cells. A variety of constitutively or inducibly expressed mouse and human STEMCCA vectors is housed in the core and readily available to investigators on campus.

Boston Universtity Medical Campus Investigators interested in using one of our vectors, or cloning new vectors that feature components of our plasmids should consult with a Core Director or Technician listed below.

For campus investigators interested in obtaining one of our vectors, or planning to clone new vectors that feature components of our plasmid library, consultation with Core Director (Gustavo Mostoslavsky, is available, along with free banking of any new vectors created.

  1. Core Director: Gustavo Mostoslavsky,

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