Recent News

  1. Congratulations to Leah who successfully defended and published her paper in Leukemia: 
  2. Congratulations to Leah Huiting, who received the second prize for Henry Russek Day Student Achievement Award! Well done, Leah!
  3. Hui is awarded for Research Scholar Grant from the American Cancer Society:
  4. Our research is in the spotlight:
  5. Haiwei’s paper is published in Haematologica:
  6. Hui won a breast cancer award from the Mary Ash Cancer Foundation.
  7. Nicole won Alex Lemonade Stand Young Investigator Award:
  8. Nicole’s paper is published in Leukemia:
  9. Yun won an international breast cancer scholar grant.
  10. Fabrice won a cross-disciplinary training award to conduct cancer nanomedicine research in breast cancer.
  11. Nicole won a Rally Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowship.
  12. Haiwei won an International Scholar Award:
  13. Hui won the Leukemia Research Foundation Young Investigator Award.
  14. Hui won the Wing Tsai Lee Endowment Professorship Grant.
  15. Hui received St. Baldrick Scholar Award:
  16. Hui won the Ralph Edwards Career Development Professorship Award: