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WR Course Catalog & Registration

The Writing Program course catalog can be viewed in two ways.

1. Click here to view an interactive version of the Writing Program catalog. Click on Schedule to view the class times with the topics.

In this version of the catalog, students can sort Writing Program classes by category, topic, level, or time. Students can also search this catalog for keywords or topics with open seats.

2. Visit the Student Link.

You may also view class times and topics by going to the  University Class Schedule on the Student Link and searching by the college CAS and the department WR. Click on the Class Topic to view a full topic description and a list of the times the topic is being offered.

Registration FAQ

Do you have wait lists for full classes?

Unfortunately, the current registration system doesn’t have a waitlist function. Because the Writing Program has a large number of classes and a small staff, we don’t have the resources to manage waitlists manually at this time. We plan to offer waitlists starting in Fall 2022 when the new student information system replaces the current one.

If a section you want is full, we recommend that you check frequently for open seats in that section. You may be able to get in if another student drops and you register quickly. Seats often open up close to the start of the semester and during the first week of class.

If you have an extenuating circumstance and really need to take a particular full section, please see the over-enrollment question below. Interest in a topic or instructor is not considered to be an extenuating circumstance.

Can I over-enroll in a full class as an extra student?

The Writing Program does not permit students to add full WR classes because maintaining a smaller class size is essential for seminar-style writing courses.

The Writing Program does not use add/drop forms. If you have extenuating circumstances that make it necessary for you to register for a WR course that is full, you may submit a petition using the form below. Interest in a particular topic or instructor is not considered to be an extenuating circumstance. Both the Writing Program Director and the instructor of the WR section must approve your request. Instructors may choose not to take any extra students. If your petition is approved, the Writing Program will register you for the section.

Over-enrollment Petition Form

  • Please enter the name you prefer to be addressed by. It does not need to match what appears on the Student Link.
  • Which pronouns do you use for yourself? Ex. she/her; he/him; they/their
  • Requested Class

    Instructors may choose not to accept extra students. We recommend providing a few backup section options in case your first choice instructor decides not to take you.
  • If you are registered, list the WR class level and section number (ex. WR 120 A1). If you are not registered for WR, write "none."
  • List the class level and section # (ex. WR 112 B2).
  • List the class level and section # (ex. WR 112 B2).
  • List the class level and section # (ex. WR 112 B2).
  • Please briefly describe the extenuating circumstance you have that causes you to need to take a full section. Interest in a particular topic is not considered an extenuating cirumstance.


Book an Online Writing Consultation

Writing Consultants are available for online tutoring for all CAS WR classes. Appointments can be booked online. Appointments will be held online only until further notice.
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WR Transfer Credit

Did you take or are you planning to take a writing class at another school? You may be able to receive WR transfer credit for it.
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CAS Alumni Awards for Writing Excellence

The Writing Program is now accepting nominations for this year's CAS Alumni Awards for Writing Excellence. Graduating CAS seniors are eligible for these prestigious awards.
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