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2009-2010 Fulbright Distinguished Research Scholar. Cardiff University, United Kingdom
2005 Ph.D. The Catholic University of America (English Language and Literature)
1992 M.A. University of Michigan (English Language and Literature)
1981 M.B.A. Stanford University
1967 B.A. Stanford University (English Literature)


Sarah Campbell has been teaching at Boston University for 14 years, which means that she has been part of the extraordinary commitment Boston University has made, and still is making, to the Writing Program. Currently, Campbell teaches WR100 and WR150 classes with topics of King Arthur and Theater NOW, an exciting new offering for students designed to blend the teaching of writing skills with exploring the theater scene in Boston.

Campbellā€™s field of study is medieval drama. She has worked on liturgical plays and cycle plays, particularly the York Plays, that were ambitious and festive community events in medieval England. Recently, while on a Fulbright research grant in Wales, she produced a medieval Welsh play, a moralistic comedy called The Strong Man (Y Gwr Cadarn), that had not been performed for over 400 years.