Senior Lecturer


100 Bay State Road, Room 314


1990 M.A. University of Virginia (English)
1988 A.B. Princeton University (English)


Allison Blyler teaches WR 120/152 “Public Gardens and Urban Wilds: Boston’s Natural History,” which explores the city’s origins, geography as destiny, organic architecture, and urban green space, and WR120/150 “American Homestead,” which examines land, wilderness and place attachment in America through the lens of frontier-borderlands mythologies. Since the Fall of 2019 she has served as co-director of the Boston Now curricular initiative with Holly Schaaf, with whom she also teaches “The World in a Pond: Observing Nature in Boston and Beyond”, a Mediated Integration course which addresses local/global connections and urban nature, and centers around place-based/experiential learning in the form of excursions to Brookline’s Hall’s Pond Sanctuary. She has also served as a Writing Associate at Sargent College since 2009.

Allison has been teaching at BU since 1999. When not keeping late office hours, she enjoys hiking long distances and hanging out on the banks of the Charles. She is a children’s book author and is working on a book of psychogeographical poetry based on her experiences in the urban wild.