WR Courses:

WR 111 WR 112 WR 120 WR 150 WR 151 WR 152 WR 153 WR 202 WR 318
WR 320 WR 415


The Writing Program course catalog can be viewed in two ways.

  1. Click here to view an interactive version of the Writing Program catalog (if you are receiving an error message, update to version 15.1 of Safari or try accessing the catalog using Chrome). Click on Schedule to view the class times with the topics. In this version of the catalog, students can sort Writing Program classes by category, topic, level, or time. Students can also search this catalog for keywords or topics with open seats.
  2. Visit MyBU student portal. You may also view class times and topics by going to the  University Class Schedule and searching by the college CAS and the department WR. Click on the Class Topic to view a full topic description and a list of the times the topic is being offered.