In response to the opportunities and challenges to higher education brought about by new advances in generative artificial intelligence, the CAS Writing Program seeks three undergraduate AI Writing Affiliate Fellows to assist in AI-intensive sections of CAS WR 152 in Spring 2024. Each AI affiliate will work with a pilot section to offer a student perspective on use of AI for writing and research and to support students in using generative AI well. 

Responsibilities include: consulting with instructors about AI pedagogy; troubleshooting WR 152 assignments; communicating student experiences of AI writing tools; consulting with students about writing with AI; helping facilitate in-class AI writing exercises; responding to surveys about your own knowledge of AI tools; writing qualitative reflections about the pilot to help inform BU’s approaches to teaching writing and research with AI going forward. 

Total stipend of $1700, disbursed weekly from Jan-May, for 100 hours of work (about 6 hours/week during the semester, plus approximately 12 hours pre- and 4 hours post-semester). Affiliates will gain experience in a real-world application of generative AI and develop technical and communication skills important in many professional fields. 

Qualifications: Successful completion of WR 150, 151, 152, or 153. Demonstrate a working layperson’s knowledge of generative AI (such as ChatGPT) and an interest in learning how AI can support writing and research processes and improve college writing and research instruction.

To apply, fill out by this application by November 6, 2023:

Application for AI Writing Affiliate Fellowship

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Application Statement

We ask for three short, but thoughtful statements for your application: the first involves your interest in and knowledge about generative AI, generally; the second concerns your interest in this specific position and any relevant experience; the third concerns your experiences in your WR seminar(s); and the fourth is an optional question. The prompts provide more context for your responses.
Please explain what you know about generative AI, specifically ChatGPT, and how you have learned about it, including any coursework, extracurricular activities, or other experiences.
Please explain why you are interested in in this position and note the significance of any relevant experiences you have had with any of the following: collaborating with faculty, fellow students, and/or work colleagues; providing support to fellow students, including those from cultural or linguistic backgrounds different from your own; demonstrating empathy, patience, and flexibility in working with others (including those whose learning style may differ from your own); engaging with issues of diversity; presenting ideas or work to groups of peers, faculty, and/or work colleagues; overcoming adversity, learning from mistakes, and/or improving your own skills in response to constructive feedback.
Tell us about the kinds of experiences in your WR seminars that were valuable to you. Given those experiences, what would you bring to the AI Writing Affiliate role that would be helpful to other students taking an AI-intensive version of WR 152?
If there is anything else that you would like for us to know about your knowledge, experiences, skills, temperament, and/or professional aspirations that are relevant to your interest in becoming an AI Writing Affiliate, you are welcome to add it, here.


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