BUWG Scholarship Application

The 2021 Scholarship application is currently open.  There is one single application process for all awards and scholarships.

In the first 60 years of the Boston University Women’s Guild, awards and fiction prizes have had a tremendous impact on the lives of over 200 graduate women and undergraduate writers.

BU Women’s Guild Awards were established to provide both aid and encouragement to individuals aged 30 and over who are enrolled in University graduate programs, with preference to women. Guild awards, unlike many others, do not require U.S. citizenship or (recognizing that women often have other responsibilities) full-time enrollment. Awards consist of the endowed Katherine Connor McLaughlin Memorial Scholarship and others funded by donations from Guild members.

Winners have ranged in age from 30 to 58 and have come from all BU schools offering graduate programs and from many countries around the globe. Extraordinary expenses that awards have helped pay include child care, support of parents and parents-in-law, and treatment of serious chronic conditions, as well as tuition, production costs for thesis films, and travel and other research needs.

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BU Women’s Council Scholarships

In July 2019, the BUWG merged with the Boston University Women’s Council, a similar organization which has provided support to women graduate students at Boston University for over ninety years.  The BUWC scholarships do not have an age requirement.   Some named scholarships are the New England Women’s College Scholarship, the Marion Parsons Wheeler Scholarship and others funded by donations from the Council, and now, Guild members.

If you have questions, please contact the Scholarship Chair: Laura Russo at lrusso@bu.edu.

We invite you to learn about our most recent BUWG Award Winners.

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