About the Endowment Campaign

BUWG-Endowment-metricsHonoring and Supporting Women Graduate Students

The BU Women’s Guild (BUWG) is a network of faculty and staff who promote the development and advancement of women across campuses. Part of our core mission is to support women graduate students over the age of 30 through annual awards.

The Guild has been active for more than 60 years and is now seeking to establish a BUWG endowment that can guarantee support for women scholars in perpetuity. The BUWG has historically used annual donations to fund these awards, and we are not able to fund all eligible proposals.

Our goal for the endowment campaign is $250,000. At this level, the BUWG could award $10,000 each year in annual support (the current payout rate for an endowed fund is four percent), far beyond what we are able to do today with annual giving.

In its 61 years, the BUWG has been able to make awards to women students solely through the generosity of annual gifts from BUWG members, alumni, staff, and friends. Establishing a BUWG endowment would create a permanent and steady source of annual support for women students, and would create a lasting legacy honoring and applauding the work of determined women graduate students for generations to come.

We need your help to make this endowment goal a reality for BUWG and a new era in supporting women at BU.